Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Taken to Hell

I would simply like to repost the following testimony by brother Kim Yong Doo, given on March 31, 2012 at the Colorado Holy Fire Revival.  Please prayerfully read. For issues and concerns, each person must confirm with the Lord, whether something is valid or not.

“While I was lying down, Jesus took me to hell. There are different levels of hell. As I was going through the different levels, there were different devils. Big ones, even tiny devils they were devouring my flesh. When I went 3 levels down, devils held a stick made of needles. They started hitting me with a stick. It hurt so much, it was very hard to endure. Around 3pm that day, I started bleeding, it did not stop. I was so exhausted that I prayed to the Lord: ‘Lord, it is so hard, I am going to die. It is so hard Lord.’ The Lord said it was my calling, so we had to continue. The Lord gave me a word from the book of Revelation 2:10. Obedience to the point of death. You have to be obedient till you die, in order to receive His full life.

Hell is pitch dark. The Lord opened my eyes and helped me to see while visiting hell. Whenever I go to hell, there are so many doors to hell. The doors are so varied, so many, different from one another. For example one of these door, as you enter hell, you fall into a place of lava; another place as you enter it becomes so narrow, as narrow as a knife (1mm), because the path is so narrow, everyone falls off onto one of the sides. There is no exit! When people fall off, there are very long needles sticking up on both sides, and so many souls get stuck there.

There is another hell that is like a blender. Any soul stuck there gets blended.

There is also a place like a prison with iron bars. The electrical current that runs through the bars is so powerful. As soon as they touch the bars, the souls melt away. Imaging a small room with 5,000 people, and everyone is trying to get to the center, away from the bars.

When people in the outer area get touched by the bars, they melt away entirely right away.

There is a path to hell, as soon as you enter through the path, you cannot go back. It only goes forward, and you get sucked immediately. From there, the souls can see the path to heaven and they scream ‘Oh no, I have to go to heaven! Oh no, I have to go to heaven now! Why am I here? No, no, please!’

Because so many people are going to hell, they are pushing each other. In those instances, everybody push forward going straight to hell. The path to hell is so wide, as wide as a stadium. It seems that Hell is bigger than heaven, and only about 1 in a thousand goes to heaven.

Not many people go to heaven as you might think. Only a small amount of people make it to heaven, so don’t be too confident with your salvation! Even though we have become the people of God, don’t have the overconfidence that leads to conceit. You don’t go to heaven because you are certain. You have to be humble and meek in order to go to heaven. Even though you have received salvation, you have to think as if you have not arrived at your salvation yet. That is why we have to work out our salvation with much fear and trembling every day.

When I go to hell, there are so many things that are shocking to me. There are countless pastors in hell. There are many famous seminary professors there also; many that you might know. There are pastors who have played with the gifts of God. And the place where the pastor’s wives go is also big, you cannot even imagine. The place in Hell where Church leaders go is also very big, and full of people. After seeing that place, I tell people 'don’t desire to become pastors, because pastors are responsible for their congregations souls'. I am asking those who desire to be servants of God, if possible just remain members of the church and diligently server God. There are many members of my church who have graduated from the seminary, but are now working hard as regular members of church serving the Lord. Members of my church have greater faith than regular church pastors, that’s how I fostered them. No matter where they are sent, they can cast out demons.”

-Brother Kim Yong Doo

Author's Note: Please prayerfully read the books, available on on and SpiritLessons, and use the Testimony Review Process adopted by this blog, as you decide for yourself whether the Lord has spoken to him.  For issues and concerns, each person must confirm with the Lord, whether something is valid or not. Yong-Doo Kim is not personally connected with this site. For more information on our position, please see Disclaimers.

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