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Our gift of these articles by Len Lacroix is a ministry of Doulos Missions International, Inc., which exists to bring glory to God by helping to fulfill the Great Commission. Doulos Missions International is incorporated in the State of New Hampshire as a publicly-supported, non-profit charity. We are conservative, evangelical, biblically based, Spirit-filled, and non-denominational.

Len Lacroix graduated from Zion Bible Institute (now Northpoint Bible College). He and his wife Jennifer both earned Master of Arts degrees in Missiology from Regent University's School of Divinity. They have served as missionaries in Eastern Europe and are now based in the United States. They operate a three-year Discipleship Training School.

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  1. Good day Mr. Len, thank you for all your posts, please I will like to get your contact, to call you on personal issues.
    Thank you

    1. Hello, please use the "contact us" button at the bottom right corner of the About Us page of www.dmiworld.org. Thank you.

  2. Hello sir, good day, it has to go through Microsoft outlook and i don't have the software.
    Please how else can i reach you on mobile.

    1. Just right-click on the "Contact Us" button and select "copy email address". Then go to your email application, and paste it there. You can paste by right clicking and then selecting "paste" or you can press the Control ("Ctrl") key and the "V" key on your keyboard at the same time.