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This is a collection of testimonies from those who claim to have experienced heaven and hell, as well as those who have had direct, face-to-face encounters with God the Father in heaven, the Lord Jesus Christ, or His holy angels.  It includes a number of documented accounts of individuals being raised from the dead.  It also includes some visions and important Scriptural studies on the topic of heaven and hell.

"Where there is no vision, the people perish..." (Pro 29:18a, KJV)

"For God did not call us to be impure, but to live a holy life." (1 Thes 4:7, NIV)

"...But this is what was spoken of through the prophet Joel: 'And it shall be in the last days,' God says, 'that I will pour forth of my Spirit on all mankind; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams; even on My bondslaves, both men and women, I will in those days pour forth of My Spirit And they shall prophesy."  (Act 2:16-18, NASB)

It is my prayer that these testimonies will lead you to pray earnestly and seek the Lord's face, regarding the destiny of your own soul, and the souls of the people in your life, so that you and they will not miss the glories of heaven and wind up in hell for eternity.

Baptized by Blazing Fire -- a Korean church's testimony Angelica Zambrano Hell and Heaven Forty Days in Heaven and Hell
Ibrahim's Experience in Hell Taken to Hell Only the Holy -- Three Shocking Testimonies
Australian Pastor Raised from the Dead Nigerian Pastor Raised from the Dead Revelation of Hell to Seven Colombian Youths
Korean Pastor Raised from the Dead The Four Tallest Homes in Heaven Messages from the Lord for Catholics Worshiping Idols
Margaret O. Amure - "I Lied" Michael Thomas Sambo's Revelation of Heaven and Hell Ayodelle Sawyer - a Revelation of Heaven and Hell 
Godly Attire and Adornment -- Seven Divine Revelations The Book of Life Armenian Man Raised from the Dead
Where will you go when you die? Few will be saved Jesus Christ Descended Into Hell
Seven Reasons to Believe the Seven Divine Revelations Visitation of Jesus to Samuel Oghenetaga Angelica Zambrano Fourth Testimony of Heaven and Hell
James Agboola Revelation of Heaven and Hell The Holy Fires of Hell Ezekiel Moses Testimony of Heaven and Hell
The "Door to Hell" Vision of Hell by Emmanuel Agyarko Divorce -- Three Divine Revelations
A Warning to the Nay Sayers There now, it is all over! Blessed rest. The Top Ten Things Jesus Taught
Alcohol and Cigarettes -- Nine Divine Revelations The Sale of Christian Music and Art -- A Robbers' Den The Judgment Seat of Christ

Michael Shigaba's Encounter with Jesus A Warning for Christian Married Couples The Place of Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth 
The Marine Kingdom and Queen of the Coast Rock, Rap, and Reggae Music -- Five Divine Revelations Life After Death
Is Contraception a Sin? Eternal Security Eudoxia Varga Testimony of Heaven and Hell
Gabriel Doufle Issues and Concerns Tattoos and Body Piercing

TGRM Issues and Concerns
HOREMOW Issues and Concerns Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Lynn Veasley's Revelation of Hell
Claire Andoun Solomon's Encounter with Jesus Revelation of Sister Claire Andoun in Heaven Lynn Veasley's Revelation of Heaven
The Home Going of Sister Claire Andoun Solomon Hell Hath Enlarged Itself Eternal Places Prepared by God
Ian McCormack's Testimony of Heaven and Hell Sakhile's First Trip to Heaven Sakhile Tells the Truth About Hell
Mathematician Goes To Hell Then Meets God T.B. Joshua is Suffering in Hell Now! Charles Taze Russell -- JW Founder in Hell
Teen Dies, Enters Heaven, Meets Jesus -- Catherine's Testimony Catherine Hughes' Second Encounter in Heaven

Attribution notice: Scripture quotations taken from the NASB and from The Holy Bible, New International Version® NIV®, unless otherwise noted.

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For more testimonies that give glory and honor to God and His Son Jesus Christ, please see Testimonies from Budapest and Preparing the Way Radio. You may also access my complete blog directory at Writing for the Master


Len Lacroix is the founder of Doulos Missions International.  He was based in Eastern Europe for four years, making disciples, as well as helping leaders to be more effective at making disciples who multiply, developing leaders who multiply, with the ultimate goal of planting churches that multiply. His ministry is now based in the United States with the same goal of helping fulfill the Great Commission. www.dmiworld.org.



  1. Hi sir, I need your opinion. My boyfriend and I moved to another state for school and are living together in the same apartment, in separate bedrooms, because 1.) my boyfriend cannot afford to pay for a place by himself and having to take so many units at the same time and 2.) due to my health I can't and don't like to be by myself and I don't have any other friends, friends that I spend time with. I always had my twin sister and the original plan was that she would be here with us going to school also, but she flaked on us and now it is just the two of us by ourselves. This is the first time in my life that I am without my sister and it's been hard for me being by myself. I want to please God and I know cohabitating sleeping in the same bed is a sin. I am more serious than ever about following the will of God and doing what is right. My question is is it a sin, would it be okay if I broke up with my boyfriend, he would go about his life doing whatever he needs to do, I will do the same, and trying to live separately still living in separate bedrooms, but still live in the same apartment? My mom doesn't want me getting married until I finish school and I've thought about getting married without her knowing but my boyfriend doesn't want us to do that. Your insight is really appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Dear esthaurora, I do not advise living together, even under the circumstances you described. It gives place for sin. You may think you are strong now, and able to resist whatever temptation may come, but you don't know that you will always be able to do so. By living together you are giving an opportunity for the devil to tempt you. You are also not avoiding the appearance of evil (1 Thes 5:22).

  2. What if we lived in a place with another person or persons as roommates? Would that be okay, not a sin?

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  4. Hi Len, just out of curiosity I have noticed that you use the NIV Bible as reference. What about the fact that they left out certain verses out of the Bible?

  5. Hi, Cornel.

    Thanks for reading and commenting. In general, I mostly use the NASB in my blogs, and secondarily use the NIV when I like the particular wording better. For my own reading personally, I have owned a 1984 NIV Bible for the past 24 yrs or so. You can read my article about the NIV at:

    I believe they are in fact making changes for the worse. That's why I believe if you read the NIV, it's best to read an earlier version like 1984.

    We recently (in the past couple yrs) bought new NIV Bibles for the whole family, except for me since my 1984 NIV is still in good condition. We searched for and found the 1984 version for them, so that's where I stand on that.

    I don't like that at all when any modern translation takes verses out of the Bible. I also don't like the way the NIV has footnoted so many key verses, such as Ro 8:1, which says in the NIV, "Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus." The NASB, which I also like and use extensively in all my blogs, does the same thing! It should say, "There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit." (MKJV). In the online copies of the NIV and NASB, you cannot even see the footnote that shows you the part they took out.

    As for the King James, I like many of the verses in that version, which cannot be improved on, such as Lam 3:22-23 and Ps 23. But that version is not perfect either. I could say many things about it that I have discovered in my research, but I will spare you. You can find it all online.

    Therefore, if the KJV has issues, and the NIV and NASB have issues, and many other modern version do, such as removing the word "hell" from the Bible, then what do we read any more? You see, we need to realize these are the last days, the devil is busy, the Bible is still the Word of God, and God is in control We still need to read our Bibles, check the original languages, and cross reference different versions to get the best translation for verses that we believe have been negatively altered.

    I hope that helps.

  6. Good day Mr Len
    I thank the Lord that he is using you to pass valuable information concerning the raw truth of God. Now, there is a question about christians who are using condom in marriage, now, pastor Paul Rika is saying that there's no problem concerning this. We also hear that condoms are not right at all, this is where it is confusing the church. Please sir according to the leading of the Spirit of God, which is which ? Thank you, God bless you.

    1. Dear Sikulule, Thank you for reading and commenting. You stated, "Paul Rika is saying that there's no problem concerning this." Please keep in mind that no single man has all truth and all wisdom and all answers to all questions. Only the Lord can fill that role. That is why He has given us His Word and His Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of Truth, to guide us into all Truth.

      And you also said there is confusion. That is the problem. God is not a God of confusion but of peace. Therefore, we must determine the source of the confusion.

      Based on the Word of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, it is my understanding that the use of any contraceptives is a sin in the sight of my God. For more on this you may see my article, "Is Contraception a Sin? -- a Divine Revelation" on this blog at the following link:

      Also see:

  7. What can you say Len, about the illuminati altering some contents of the bible to new order?

  8. Good day Mr len
    I would like to know something on the revelation of brother Gabriel where addresses that the Lord told him that the is a spirit behind jeans and that it is not right or inappropriate for a women to be on the driver's seat and the husband is on the passanger's seat( as it is as if the woman is taking over the authority of man according to the revelation). Please correct me if I am wrong in any of these two views. God bless.

    1. Dear brother, Thanks for your question. The Word of God is our standard by which everything must be tested. Our attire must be godly, not worldly. You can make a case that jeans became a fashion symbol of rebellion during the days of James Dean. If one is willing to acknowledge that, as well as the immodesty of most "jeans", then it may be a very good reason to eliminate them from your wardrobe. You have to examine it for yourself and pray and ask the Lord. I tend to think they are not godly in most cases.

      As for the matter of who drives, that is a new one that I have not heard. I think there would be a number of valid instances where a woman could be driving without usurping authority. For example, in order to help her husband on a long trip, so he can rest and get some sleep. Another example is if he is in severe need of medical attention and she needs to drive him to the hospital. So I think there are certainly cases where I personally see no issue with it. Perhaps as a general practice I could see what he is saying that a man should generally be the one guiding them in their vehicle, unless there is a medical or other valid reason (such as health related) why he cannot do so at that particular time.

      Since I have not heard that revelation or evaluated it, I am not in a position to judge it, but that is my opinion at this time about that one part you mentioned. I am open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit on the matter.

      The Word of God is our rule of faith. Let's obey the Word and let the Holy Spirit lead us into all truth. The Lord bless you.

    2. Dear Sikulule, one more thing I encourage you to do is to read this article about Gabriel Doufle, which may help to address your concerns:


  9. Please, I humbly seek your permission to print the revelations and distribute freely to others and also personal use

  10. I do not see any issue with that, as long as you are not publishing them into books or selling them.

  11. Praise the LORD Len. Am Kenyan and thank you for bringing light into the world about the times we are living in.

    1. You're welcome. Where in Kenya are you located? God bless you!

  12. I had a question. Does the Korean church in the book 'baptized by blazing fire' (first book) practice the law? (As in Judaism) Because in that book in the part where people are nailed to crosses (in hell sky if I remember correctly ) one of their sins was that they did not keep the Sabbath? ... can you explain. Thank you.

    1. Paul, they are not under the law of Moses. If you refrain from murder or adultery, I would not think you were keeping the law of Moses...you would be departing from sin and obeying God. I recommend reading the following articles of mine that explain this for you:














  13. So in the book baptized by blazing fire, the Sabbath is being referred to Sunday? Is that correct?

  14. What do they mean in that book when they say 'holy dance'?
    I know in the old testament king David danced but in the new testament I don,t find anywhere that the apostles or Christians danced when they were filled with the Holy Spirit. Or is it how the book was translated?

    1. Just because something is not found in the pages of the NT Bible does not mean it is not Scriptural. We worship with dance by the power of the Holy Spirit. It is not a worldly, flesh dance. It is a holy dance. If you go to Youtube and search on "Yong Doo Kim Holy Dance" or "Lord's Church Holy Dance" you will see what they mean.

  15. Greetings Mr Len, I have been deeply moved by most of the testimonies that have been shared on this site, especially those that concern about the imminent coming of Christ. I'm a 24 year old man working as a Technician. I discovered lately that I don't like my job at all (except for the fact that it offers me a good financial security), and as I result I decided to enroll to a new qualification which will take at least 3 years to complete. The course is generally a very challenging one in such a way that I'll need to spend more time on it.

    Every time I fervently study my books, I often hear a silent whisper that says "if only you would study My Word the same way you do with your school studies", as I result I'll be very quick to resort to holding the Bible to my hands, now there is more time spent on the Word of God than on my grades. I then stand a good chance to fail my modules.

    Is it prudent then that I must quit school, persevere on my current job that has totally demoralized me and then pay a lot more attention to the convictions of my heart? The greatest conviction that has pierced my heart is that of the return of Christ at anytime from now. I think about this almost everyday. I even wrote to my Twitter account "All of a sudden I just lost total interest on my studies, after having learnt about the imminent coming of Christ."

    I would really like to hear your opinions Sir on this state of confusion that I'm at - I'm also very spiritually challenged my brother in terms of keeping my life holy.

    Your opinions and advices will be greatly appreciated. God bless you Sir.

    1. Dear Lumkile, Thanks for reading and commenting. I cannot really advise you on this. The Holy Spirit must be your guide. I believe the Lord probably was challenging you to study His Word with the same diligence that you study those modules. However, I did not hear you say the Lord told you to stop studying the modules.

      As for when the Lord will return, we do not know the day or the hour. We do know it will be soon and very soon. So what you do in terms of employment, study, and change of career field will require the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit. I would not pretend to know what God is saying to you about that. I can only say that you should not assume that you must drop your studies for the career change. The Lord could be in that, even if you end up not finishing it here on earth. All that you learn here on earth, if done with love, for the glory of God, as unto the Lord, and in the name of Jesus can and will be used in the life to come to perform the will of God. So don't lose heart.

      I recall when I was in Bible school in the late 80's and early 90's, some of us students probably felt like the Lord was about to return right away, and wondered whether it was right to be in Bible school studying for ministry when the fields were white for harvest. We perhaps feared the Lord would return while we were still in school and we would not have a chance to get out into the fields and participate in reaping the harvest. One elderly instructor who had been a missionary to Nigeria for over 20 years encouraged us to stay the course, and that the Lord knew our hearts. I forget his exact words but he felt that it would be a good thing if the Lord returned to find us preparing for a life of ministry in His service.

      God bless you, too.

    2. Thank you Mr Len, I'm really encouraged by your insightful words. I'll keep on reminding myself every now and again of these. I do see the love of God in my life.

    3. Like I said, please don't take this as advice. You still need to earnestly pray and get your guidance from God as to what HE wants you to do. Only the Holy Spirit can guide your life, not me.

  16. Len thanks for the wonderful work you are doing God bless you.

  17. Thankyou brother for these messages. Since sister Claire Atongo passed I decided to read similar testimonials here.

    1. You are welcome, sister. Yes, I have heard that she passed into glory. Please see these articles about her:





      God bless you.

  18. Hi sir its been pleasure to follow this blog since 2015. God confirmed to me what He was teaching me through some testimonies here like Rachael Mushala testimony. I thank God for this blog. God bless you.

    1. Praise the Lord! God bless you, too, Thelma.

  19. Hi Mr Len, Its been ages I visited your blog. I happen to be looking for any article that discusses the issue of masturbation among Christians, today I found out the Lord already took Sis Claire since a month ago, I had wanted to attend her wedding so I could meet her in person, I was one of sisters from Nigeria who skyped with her and other sisters from across the world. There was a time I got discouraged following her messages because there was a dispute btw her and another beloved sister. To be honest issues like that affects new converts I was confused by the different church doctrines and over religious ways. I really admire Sis Claire a lot because she was bold, I am comforted that she eventually made it. Unfortunately for me, I missed my way to true holy living because of the people around me. I have been back and forth its seem difficult to get back to living and obeying God's word. I never thought I will ever find myself in this position. Please I will like to further discuss with you or probably your wife privately. I am not free to discuss my thoughts with anyone I know, has most are fanatics who will be ready to judge to death or others who are ready to misled me the more, if will agree there are now too many self-righteous so called Christians who should be praying for the weak but derive joy in gossiping about people shortcomings, even on the altar. May God continually bless your work and add to you more wisdom in Jesus name.

    1. Dear sister Esther, I am sorry to hear that you have been struggling in your walk with the Lord. If you send us an email without any details initially, my wife can then correspond privately with you without my involvement. Here are some articles of mine that address the topic:



      God bless you.

  20. Replies
    1. You're welcome. Let me know what the Lord says to you when you pray about it.

    2. Feel free to reach out to me for one on one discussion via email through the website at the bottom of this page. There is a contact us button at the bottom of the about us page on that website. God bless you.

  21. brother, here in Brazil we have some testimonies in whic speak that everything that hides a truth is a lie ... I have a channel on youtube where by the mercy of God I translate testimonies so that the people of the Lord know the truth .. because leaders seek little, I believe in the word of the Lord and in the experiences given to His servants


  22. I'll pray to know the truth .. I'm afraid of hell.

    1. Seeking the truth is key, brother. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. So let us seek Him for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. May the Lord help us and have mercy on us and enable us to make it to heaven at last.

      Please prayerfully consider enrolling in our discipleship training school. http://doulostrainingschool.blogspot.com/p/co.html

  23. Hi Big Bro, Good job but I earnestly wish you accompany each divine revelation post with a message of repentance and acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, I consider this as the icing on the cake.

    When the moderator ask people, do you want to know Him/Jesus Christ? you unintentionally create avenue for people to opt-out.
    Also, directing people to click another post for a message of repentance & acceptance of Jesus Christ inadvertently create room for the 'great deceiver' (satan) to remain and make a play in the game.

    I plead for the blood of Jesus Christ over you and your website and I revoke any satanic agenda in Jesus name, amen.

    1. Dear issa, thanks for your comment, but this is the way the Lord has led me to organize the content on my blogs. There are good reasons for it. If you feel so strongly, then when you have your own blogs, you can pray and organize your material however the Lord leads you. They that are led by the Spirit are sons of God.

      Moreover, there is no Scriptural basis whatsoever for what you are insisting upon. Neither Jesus nor the apostles in their preaching, nor in the gospels, nor the epistles, nor in the book of Revelation itself accompanied every message or ever revelation with a call for repentance and acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Nevertheless, I do have that call at the end of almost every article I write. I invite my readers to come to know the Lord, and I quote the Word of God that says, "Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of God, and saying, ‘The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.’” (Mar 1:14b-15). I advise my readers, "He preached that we must repent and believe." So there is a call to know Jesus, I specifically cite what Jesus preached, I call people to repentance and faith in Christ, and then provide a link to a full article on that topic alone.

      You should not call this a satanic agenda. Neither Jesus nor His apostles forced anyone to make a decision for Christ. I rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to work in people's hearts, and if He is drawing them, then they will click on the article "Do You Want to Know Jesus?" We get numerous pageviews on that each month. There is no need to force anyone. The Lord draws them, and when they respond to His Spirit, then it results in a genuine conversion. His sheep know His voice and follow Him. If they respond to me pushing them, and only do what I demand from them, rather than making their own decision, then they are being taught from the beginning to hear and respond to the voice of man. There is no need for you to comment back on this.

  24. Please I was a Christian born, saved. I’m African but grew up in Australia. It was the first time I saw all these testimonies of Africa, witchcraft etc and began to understand things in my life. My problem is why are white ppl who go to hell and meet Jesus, they’re testimonies are so different from when Africans who go to heaven and hell. It seems to me that each time a black person goes to hell, God is always talking about, hair, make up etc, but every time time a white person or even a black persons who grew up in the western world, it doesn’t matter about hair makeup etc. If those things mattered to Jesus with Africans, why doesn’t it matter to Him with white women, and also black women in western countries. It just seems to me that only black women have a harsher penalty in hell

    1. Dear Molly, thanks for reading and commenting. I don't think your assumptions are valid though. There are many white men and women whom the Lord has revealed the need for modesty, although not necessarily through a revelation of hell, but perhaps through His Word and by His Spirit. One example would be John Wesley. See this link: http://len-seekingthelord.blogspot.com/2012/06/garments-of-godliness.html

      But in the revelations on this page, you will find non-Africans who had revelations of outward holiness, too, such as Adelaida from Boliva and Olga from Russia, both of which I wrote about in Godly Attire and Adornment at http://eternal-destinations.blogspot.com/2013/05/godly-attire-and-adornment-seven-divine.html.

      Another example is Eudoxia from Hungary, and her testimony is at this link: https://eternal-destinations.blogspot.com/2015/12/eudoxia-varga-testimony-of-heaven-and.html.

      An example of an African American who had a revelation of hell that did not speak of outward holiness is Lynn Veasley, which you can find at this link: https://eternal-destinations.blogspot.com/2017/09/lynn-veasleys-revelation-of-hell.html. And I'm sure there are plenty of others.

      The Lord is not going to show everyone the same thing. I cannot answer the question you asked, but I can say that your assumptions are not really valid.

      The Lord did say that those servants of the Master (Jesus), who do not know their Master's will and do not do what He wants will be beaten with fewer blows (less severe punishment), but that those servants who knew their Master's will and did not do it will be beaten with many blows. So it may be that due to the teaching on modesty in African churches already, that women there should already know the Lord's will on this, whereas the lack of this teaching in most American churches may be why so many women are ignorant of the Lord's will on this. That doesn't excuse them, and they still will be accountable on judgment day for what they did or didn't do. But it's one difference between Africa and another country (in this case USA).

      Ultimately the pastors who don't preach against sin and don't teach their congregations about outward holiness and the need for modesty will be held accountable on judgment day before the Lord for the souls who perish due to their negligence. So nobody in an American congregation, whether pastor or a member, should feel exempt from being held accountable with regard to this matter. God bless you.

  25. Greetings, brother Len. I wish I could have a way to interact privately with you regarding some of messages contained in some of the revelations. It will be preferable

    1. Sure. Just go to dmiworld.org, and find my contact button in the bottom right corner of the About Us page.

  26. Sir I want you to be my mentor for the word of God, so sir how can I get in contact with you can you send me your WhatsApp number.