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Visitation of Jesus to Samuel Oghenetega

Samuel Oghenetega
A fourteen-year old boy in Nigeria, named Samuel "Tega" Oghenetega Emmanuel, had an encounter in which Jesus visited with him over a period of days while he was in the hospital.  It happened between June 30 and around July 4, 2013.  The prevailing theme throughout the messages the Lord gave to Samuel was one of warning to prepare for the rapture before Jesus comes, by repenting and living a holy, righteous life in obedience to the Lord.  

It was very difficult for me to understand Samuel due to his African dialect, but I was able to take some notes of some excerpts that seemed significant to me.  There is much more to this message than just these excerpts, and I would not want to misquote the Lord, so please watch the video for yourself. There are several different ones available online, but I will leave a link at the end of this post to the particular video I watched.

From what I could gather at the beginning of his testimony, Samuel's father is a pastor.  And Samuel had recently broken his right arm in a soccer (African "football") match.  Then he was subsequently beaten on the head with a cane, and experienced seizures that led to his hospitalization.  In the hospital room, the Lord would appear to him at the foot of his bed and speak with him.  The Lord would point his hand at the wall, and a white screen would appear like an open book.  The Lord then wrote on the screen without using his hand the words he was speaking to Samuel , and he instructed Samuel to write those words in his own exercise note booklet. The words the boy was writing were not human words, but divine words from the Lord, Who also showed him numerous illustrations of what He was saying.  At times, demons would walk out onto the screen and stand there, so that Samuel could draw a diagram of them in his exercise book. The diagrams he drew were not something that one could just sit down and draw naturally, but ones that he was obviously enabled supernaturally to draw. In fact, he even drew them with an ink pen, which is more difficult than with a pencil.

These encounters would go on for a period of time until Samuel was too exhausted to continue.  Then the Lord would let him rest, and he would fall off to sleep immediately.  He would usually awake very hungry, wanting to eat some food.  The the Lord would appear again, and continue giving him more messages for humanity, and some messages for his parents or certain ministers. The boy was also taken to hell by Jesus Christ in order to see the horrors that people are experiencing there.

The news of this began to spread until crowds of people were coming to the hospital to see this and hear.  Eventually at the end of three or four days, the doctor confirmed the boy did not have brain damage, and was amazed at the things he was writing in his book.  Then Samuel's father requested he be discharged to home, and the doctor consented.  Samuel's parents were led to bring the boy to stay with a sister in their church for a few days initially after his discharge. The visitations continued and neither Samuel nor that sister got much sleep.

His mother testified about her son's experience saying that she initially became afraid for him, but the Lord gave Samuel a written prophetic message for her that brought peace to her heart. She recalls, "I said, 'What? Lord, what is happening? Is my son demon-possessed? What is this?' Then what gave me a prophet's appointment and peace in my heart...He wrote, 'Mrs. Prosper Willbome, don't worry, don't panic, don't be afraid. I am with your son. I will use him to depopulate hell and to populate heaven. I send My angel Michael and his hosts to fight for him.'"

I should also mentioned that when the Lord first appeared to him, He was a gentle man, crying, wearing white garments stained with blood. He had blood in the palms of His hands, on his legs, and even on His side. He was calling Samuel to come.

Most of the messages you will read below are the Lord Jesus speaking in the first person to Samuel, except where otherwise noted.  The Lord would begin each short message by telling Samuel to warn those committing a particular sin that He would describe.  Then the Lord would tell him what to say to those people to warn them, and he would usually end by stating the consequences for those who did not repent and obey him.  Now here are my notes of some excerpts that I transcribed, and I ask that you please be understanding, since they are rather random, although in some cases I have grouped similar topics together under one heading. 

Don't compromise God's Word
"Those who compromise my Word I will cast into the lake of fire. Do not compromise!"

Prepare and pray often
"Prepare and pray often and be strong and of good courage, because satan has fired a dart into your heart."

Warning to those browsing the Internet
"Tell to those browsing the internet to be careful because demons are there capturing souls for Satan."

Warning to those listening to music that doesn't glorify God
"All music that does not glorify me or my Father: Those who listen to it will be cast into the fire."

Warning to those seeking Miracles 
"Warn those seeking miracles.  Tell them to repent and seek repentance."

Those who don’t preach because of money
"Tell associate pastors and others who preach my word and don’t preach because of money, 'I will supply your needs according to my Father’s riches.'”

The day of our Lord’s wedding is at hand
"I have sent my angel proclaiming with a loud voice, 'Behold, the day of our Lord’s wedding is at hand.' Repent! The Lord has spoken."

Warning to teenagers
"Tell the teenagers to be watchful and prayerful because satan has sent millions of angels to bring them down."

Warning to those wearing artificial things
"Remove every artificial thing in your body, because 'Bimbo' Odukoya is in hell crying for mercy. But it is too late." Editor's note: Please see short biography of 'Bimbo' Odukoya.

"Tell those who say, 'Fashion does not mean anything,' it means a lot of things to Me. They are joining to hell without them knowing. The Lord has spoken. Satan will use fashion to capture millions to hell. Do not put on anything artificial like gold and silver, wristwatches*, artificial teeth*, etc." Editor's note: If you have any questions about this, then please read my post called Godly Attire and Adornment -- Seven Divine Revelations. The Lord has spoken this same message to several others beside Samuel. 

Warning to those watching football matches
"Warn people spending their time watching (sports) and rejecting the Word. It is only on earth that there is mercy."  Samuel saw a boy in hell who had spent his time on earth watching sports.

"Millions of people are tripping into hell. My Father’s house is empty. Few are there."

Warning to Those Getting Tatoos
"Do not put any marks of snakes or creatures in your body," which is tatoos.

Warning to Those Who Dance
At 53:00 in the video, he said the Lord told him, "Those who dance that does not glorify me or my Father will be crushed like and egg and cast into hell." He saw a young man in hell, who was break dancing, who asked, "Lord, why can't I stop dancing?"  And the Lord told him there is no repentance in hell.

My marriage is at hand 
Jesus dressed in a white suit like He was going to a wedding. He said with a meek voice, “One more chance. Repent. My marriage is at hand. Repent before I come. May the grace of my Father rest upon the heads.”

Warning to those worshipping idols
"Tell those worshipping idols, especially the Roman Catholics, that they should stop doing that or I will crush them and cast them from my sight into the lake of fire where there shall be gnashing of teeth and their smoke shall rise forever."

Warning to those answering with big titles
"Preach the Truth or else you will be cast into the bottomless put. Tell those answering with big titles like Bishop, Archbishop, Most Reverend, Reverend, Right Reverend, I don’t know them by that. I know them by their name and their works." (see Matthew 23:8-10).

Warning to those who attend festivals 
"Traditions of men: those who attend festivals in the name of worshipping idols or in the remembrance of anything, I shall crush them and cast them into the fire. Mt 15: 1-28. He saw Pope John Paul II in hell."

God shall remove His hedge
The words "Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin" were written across the screen. "God has rejected humanity, and God shall remove His hedge and the adversary (devil) shall prevail."

Warning to those seeking husbands, wives, or for children
"Those seeking husbands, wives, or for children that I will come to their aid and to be strong for me because satan has released his angels with darts to destroy them."

Warning to those who are in dispute with one another
"Tell those who are in dispute with one another that if they don’t agree, I will crush them and throw them into the lake of fire. If one of them is ready to reconcile and the other refuses, tell that person to reconcile with him or I will crush him and cast him into the lake of fire."

Warning to those who are fighting
"Tell boxers and wrestlers stop wrestling or else I will send them into the lake of fire." Samuel used to be a very big wrestling fan.

Warning to Presidents, governors, and judges
"Tell Presidents and governors who embezzle money made from the food of men to repent."

"Judges who accept bribes do not give justice and must repent."

Warning to those who divorce
"People who divorce do not enter my kingdom." (listen to video for more details).

Warning regarding false prophets
"False prophets come from hell to deceive humanity. Many shall be deceived.  It is a sign of My coming."

Warning to those taking of sweet substances 
"Taking of sweet substances whether liquid or solid to be watchful because some are snakes, and they can possess a person quickly. So be watchful."

Prepare for the rapture
"Prepare for the rapture. It will be like a dream."  The Lord gave him Mt 24:29-31, and he saw a picture of the people being caught up to meet the Lord in the air, and the caption said, “Come, My faithful servants.”

"There shall be wars and earthquakes before I come. I will heal the sick. Keep on praising me and I will rise with my flaming sword to fight."

Godly Attire
"A man should not put on the attire of a woman, and a woman should not put on the attire of a man or harlot: silver, gold, attachments*, changing of skin, painting of eyes and mouth, or fixing of any artificial thing (Prov 7:1-27). The Lord has spoken; now obey. I will curse them that disobey."

Sections of hell
Samuel saw some of the sections of hell.  There were separate sections for those who lived in worldliness, covetousness, fighting, stealing, liars, idolatry, and compromising. These are some of the sections in hell.

"My chosen ministers are not preaching my true Word. They are compromising. Tell them to change or else hell is awaiting them."

Warning to Ministers
"Pastors who put any form of diagram on my altar and call my name there I am angry with them. And I will send them to hell."

"Remember, there will be lots of parties all around. Be watching because satan will use parties to capture souls through that. He has made an arrangement of darts. Beware of parties you attend."

Warning to those who live in sin
"Tell those who live in sin to repent before I come."

Warning to those who are greedy
Tell those who are greedy and think only about themselves and forget about others, I will pay them in their own coin.

Warning to Aborters
"I created sex for married men and women...If they know they are not ready yet, why do they do it?" Then they get pregnant and take the baby's life.  "That's adding one sin to another.  No Aborters will enter My Kingdom. I will double their torment."

Warning to Those who pronounce negative words
Those who pronounce negative words on their children or any person, their mouth shall be taught on how to pronounce negative words in hell with demons piercing their mouths. And their cries rise forever because I told you to pronounce positive words.

Warning to Those who Gossip
"Tell those who are gossiping one another that they should stop doing that and repent. If not, I shall bind them and cast them into the lake of fire. Prepare. I am coming very soon. I, the Lord, have spoken. Mt 7:1-6."

Worldly church
"The world is in my house and I am going to crush it like an egg in my hand."  The Lord [was] there with the world in his hand and He was closing His hand to crush it like an egg, but Samuel began to cry for mercy. The Lord opened his hand once again.

Warning to Cultists
Tell those in cults, "Repent and I will be their Father."

Warning to those keeping boyfriends and girlfriends
"Tell those keeping boyfriends and girlfriends to repent or else I shall cast them into the burning furnace of hell. Millions of them are in hell. Satan is coming with angels to deceive humanity. Therefore, humanity is doomed. As for my sheep, I will be with them. And I will not leave them."

Club leaders and supporters such as Pink Ladies
"Warn them to stop doing what they are doing, including those who support them."

Warning to those practicing witchcraft and enchantment
"Tell those practicing all manner of enchantment or witchcraft to stop and repent or I will destroy them with the twinkle of an eye."

Warning to those playing games
"Those playing games or any medium to stop because demons possess them without them knowing." For example, "Motor combat" and other demonic games.

Warning to those who convert the property of my church
"Those who convert (covet?) the property of my church or of the poor shall be cast into the lake of fire burning forever."

Warning to Decide before I come
"I shall come very soon. Decide before I come. Don’t make me angry, because if I get angry, the earth and humanity cannot stand it."

Warning to those using  talents to make money
"Tell those using the talents I gave them to make money and their hearts desires to stop or else I will take it from them and give it to another. I will cast them into the lake of fire where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Mt 25:14-30."

Warning to those neglecting their work or commission
"Whosoever shall neglect the work or commission given to him or her, I shall pay him or her with my wrath, and my wrath shall not depart from his or her household. He who loveth his soul shall do it, but he who hateth his soul, I shall fill his belly with my fiery wrath forever in hell."

"I did not create hell for humanity. I created hell for satan and the fallen angels. But humanity has made My Blood to be in vain."

Handling the sheep
"Be careful the way you handle My sheep so that My wrath will not come upon you. But make Me happy, and I will clothe you with fine linen in my Father’s house."

The Lion of Judah shall prevail
"I and the devil are like two lions fighting to defend their territory. But I, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, I shall prevail. And the earth shall shake in the time of battle."

"Prepare! The feast of the Lord is at hand."

Warning to those use artificial nails
"Tell those using artificial nails to repent and change. Or else if they die with it, they cannot enter my kingdom, because they are like lion’s in my sights. And I do not want them to enter my Kingdom, so that they will not come and tear my sheep apart in my Kingdom. Therefore, repent. Remember, you might not know when I shall come. Those that ask for mercy, I shall show mercy, and I will wipe away their tears forever."

"Tell Andy Adiri to repent and change and preach holiness and righteousness to my sheep or else I will crush him through hell and through its demons, and to renounce that title that he is answering. Whosoever is afraid of man is not fit for my purpose. 1 Co 10:12."


Hell shall not prevail
"I shall hear and answer the cry of my very elect. I shall stand with my flaming sword against the darts of the devil, and satan and hell shall not prevail over you. The grace that thou seekest shall I deliver unto thee."

Miracle and Breakthrough Services
"Tell those holding programs of miracles, breakthrough, prosperity, and other men-pleasers and desires to stop and preach salvation and save their souls from hell. I will bless them according to My will. Good things are awaiting them that do the will of my Father."

"Therefore, go unto the four corners of the earth and preach salvation."

Warning to parents about raising children
"Beware of the way you train your children and be watchful of whom you hand them over to. I have destined them for my purpose, but because of the callousness of the caretakers, many of them are destroyed. Be watchful and be prepared like a soldier ready for battle. Stand firm and be strong and hold your peace and I will fight for you."

"Every man will be paid according to the cup he uses to measure to one another. Like I said before, many shall be deceived unto condemnation. Give and it shall be given unto you."

Sincere Repentance
"Not only to say, 'I repent,' but [to depart] from the acts."

"Whosoever says a righteous man is foolish, he himself is foolish."

"You have not repented from your heart. Let the man that loveth his soul be sober and repent. But a foolish man hateth his own soul unto condemnation."

Obey and keep my commandments
"If you want to be like me, therefore obey and keep my commandments and also to make my Kingdom."

Endureth to the end
"Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but he that endureth to the end the same shall be great in my Father’s house."

Wake up, sleepers!
"Arise from thy sleeping. For the Lord Jesus is calling you. A man that sleepeth is not fit for my works. If thou sleepest, there shall be no mercy until the day of judgment."

Warning to those worried about many things
"Be not troubled with many things like Martha. Peace be with you. Every man to his bed." This was at a time when Samuel was exhausted and asked the Lord for a chance to sleep.

"A man who is like Martha cannot fit into my agenda. There’s a place I love, and a time I am wroth. If thou desire to run with my message, you must not look back. Remember, he that puts his hand to the plow and looks back is not fit for my purpose."

Stand firm and be strong
"Let every man stand firm with his shield and his sword and be prepared for battle again the beast and the darts he has shot. Let every man be strong to stand against the darts of satan and the dragon."

"Satan and the dragon are preparing to devour millions of souls. Be strong for me and I will be with you."

Warning to those who rise above their own measure
"Let not man rise above his measure or else I shall prune him down totally. I have spoken. Now so shall it be."

Many are falling away
"Many of my very elect are falling and they have disappointed me. Therefore shall my wrath be kindled against them 100-fold."  Jesus then bowed his head and was shaking his head.

Godly Dress
"Tell those ministers who are saying, 'Come as you are,' and do not teach my sheep on how they should dress, my wrath shall be kindled against them. Tell them who please themselves and men to repent or else I shall cast them into the outer lake of fire."

Judgment is coming, and is already here
"My judgment is already upon the earth, so repent and change."

"After death is judgment. When the carcass is there the eagle is present. Therefore so shall the eagles feed on the flesh of those that did not repent and obey me."

Why have you rejected Me?
"Oh, oh, humanity, I love you. But why have you rejected Me and wandered after the beast and after the dragon. Remember, like I said, in the last days, many shall be deceived unto condemnation. Therefore why hath my very elect forsaken me? Shall they make me wroth always and not to please me? Oh, oh, my chosen elect have (has) fallen, and I shall raise up those that ask for my help."

The demon that causes accidents
The Lord showed him, Beelzebuk, who is the demon that causes accidents and killings. Samuel drew a diagram of this demon, which will have one-on-one combat with archangel Michael in the last days.

"You believers, learn to pray before (and cover yourself in) the journey, and dress as a Christian and let your character be as a Christian character, because satan has sent his blood-sucking demons to bring blood for him to use. Therefore beware and pray earnestly, because Beelzebuk has already fired darts to cause accidents. Therefore let my Name be praised. It is by mercy that thou art alive to this day."

Learn to forgive and not to accuse
"If anyone offends you, learn to forgive and not to accuse. Don’t be like the accuser of the brethren, the devil."

"Let every man be strong…lest they should fall."

"Let every man mind his cause and don’t mind the cause of his fellow human being, because every man has his own cause on the judgment day."

Be mindful of the kind of words you use
"Let every man be mindful of the kind of words that come out of your mouth."

"I have warned you not to use negative words on anybody…the soul that sinneth shall surely die."

Pray for the salvation of your soul and other souls
"If you want me to save others, keep on praying for them and I shall arise with my flaming sword. And I and Michael the archangel and his hosts shall war and fight and shall deliver them."

"A man that is afraid of his soul for my sake, his soul shall be saved. He that laugheth at a soul that repents is foolish. He that asks for mercy shall receive mercy. Let every man pray for the salvation of his soul, and of the souls of others. I am the God of orderliness. If I did not love humanity, would I have come and died? Would not humanity be doomed forever? Upon my love, humanity sees it as nothing."

"Do you know what it takes for me to shed my Blood and pay the price for your soul?"

"Those who ask for sanctification shall I give sanctification. If it is not from your heart, I shall not deliver."

Barack Obama
"Look at Barack Obama. Many of my ministers made the mistake by praying him in to win the election. He has deceived my ministers that he’s a Christian, and many of my ministers followed him because of his material things…Now he is obeying you? Only that my ministers have done, it’s enough for me to send them to hell, but because of my love, I am still waiting for them to repent. Yet they don’t want to repent."

At 2:06:29 in the video: "Obama is not a human being. He’s a demon. Now my people are suffering over there in America. Now he has given an order that gays, homosexuals, and lesbians should be given their rights. I will destroy him and the ministers that agree with him. So let every man plead his case before me and I shall forgive they that ask forgiveness. They that ask forgiveness from their heart shall I forgive."

"T.D. Jakes is included. He should also preach holiness and righteousness to my sheep. And he should change from his worldliness."

“Morris Cerullo is included.”

"Tell T.B Joshua to repent from his worldliness and the worldliness of his members. And he should preach salvation, holiness, and righteousness to my sheep. Out of the whole congregation, there is no one qualified for heaven. I have spoken."

The Lord gave Samuel the following Scriptures for these ministers in connection with the above warning.  Please read them carefully, and help get this warning to them, and other ministers like them: Is 52:1-15; 56:1-12; 61:1-12; 63:1-19; 65:1-25; Jer 7:1-29; 6:1-30; 5:1-31; 2:1-37; 11:1-23; 16:1-13; 19:1-15; Col 3:1-25; Jer 25:15-38; Ez 21:1-32; Mt 5:1-48; 10:1-42; Ex 21:36; 22:1-15. After reading these, I can see the Lord is angry, and has given a very big reading assignment with all these chapters.  Yet there is a very clear message from the Lord in these passages.

"I hate carnivals with a passionate hatred."

"Tell those named 'Achan' to change their name. (Jos 7:1-26), because it is a rebellious name."

Warning about art that does not glorify God
"Tell those who draw any diagram or creature that does not glorify me, I shall cast them into the lake of fire. In fact, nobody should even draw, because some of these artists are demons, and they are (cartoonists?) used for satan. Therefore, repent and beware."

Warning to parents about cartoons
"Beware of the kind of cartoons your children watch, because they are demons capturing souls for satan."

Warning to those who are proud
"Tell those who are proud and look down on others as poor men that they should repent and change because every man are one in my Father’s house."

Be careful how you handle the Lord's sheep
"Tell my pastors that I am angry with them because of the way they handle my sheep. Therefore I will send them into hell. Oh, oh, oh, my blood I shed is in vain to these wicked generations of vipers. I love them and I want to save them, but they see it as nothing."

Jesus rebukes satan to his face
Samuel said: “Then from 11:00 to 11:54 PM, He gave me the diagram of Lucifer himself.  And this is what he’s saying: ‘No! Humanity cannot be saved from my hand.  I am Lucifer! No, no, no!  Linda did her own damage.  Ezekiel Moses did his own.  Michael Sambo did his own.  Abraham Yakubu did his own.  And…No, no, no! This little boy, Tega Samuel Immanuel wants to cause (cost) me more damage.  Beelzebok and Jozebok, prepare the army for battle.  This must not happen.  Prepare for battle. No, no! I was cast out from heaven.  Now I am in my kingdom, which is hell fire. What have I done to deserve this damage?  It was only humanity that chose hell. No, no!  I shall be prepared for battle. I am Lucifer, and no one can take away humanity from my hand!’

“So after that, Jesus Christ now answered. Jesus said with anger (at that time his eyes were red), ‘I, the Lord of hosts, rebuke you, satan! Did you shed your blood for their souls? You wicked and unfaithful servant of My Father’s house! Because you want to overthrow My Father, and you did not succeed, then you are cast away.  Why are you now complaining?  I shall kill you with my flaming sword of fire.  In our last battle I will, at the last day of My Father’s judgment. And My Father shall be seated in heaven, and watch I and you and your armies fighting, and I shall prevail over thee, and the name of My Father shall be glorified.’”

Then the Lord said to Samuel, “Be not afraid, son, I am with thee, and Lucifer shall not overcome thee, because I have chosen you.”

Samuel says, “After I finished drawing the diagram of Lucifer, I fainted.They could not carry me. I became as heavy as sand.”

Closing prayer point
“Oh, Lord, let nothing deprive me of heaven!”

You may watch the video of Samuel Oghenetega's Testimony of His Encounters with Jesus at this link. I also recommend watching the video of his parents' testimony about their son's first encounter.

Please prayerfully listen to his testimony, and use the Testimony Review Process adopted by this blog, as you decide for yourself whether the Lord has spoken to him.  For issues and concerns, each person must confirm with the Lord, whether something is valid or not.

Repent for every sin you have committed, and cry out to Jesus Christ for mercy for your soul. Trust Him to save you, and walk in the Spirit every step of the way, abiding in Christ every moment of the day.

*Usually, the term hair "attachments" refers to wigs, false hair, or any artificial accessory that is woven into or clipped onto the hair.  The issue is that such attachments change the hair unnaturally.  While simple hair clips used for the purpose of tying back the hair should not be a problem, they are a type of artificial attachment; some are worldly while others aren't, so it depends on the type and the purpose.  Likewise, regarding wristwatches, the Lord is against any kind of showy watch that you wear for fashion like jewelry, or as a status symbol.  Regarding the artificial teeth, this probably refers to gold teeth. It's only a sin when you use artificial things for fashion, not health reasons. It's the same thing as using an artificial arm or leg, which is not a sin. Each person should pray earnestly and seek the Lord's guidance about what they wear, whether it pleases Him or not, and be careful not to do anything to change the image of God, in which we were created naturally. 

Author's note: Samuel is not personally connected with this site. Please prayerfully listen to this brother's testimony, and use the Testimony Review Process adopted by this blog, as you decide for yourself whether the Lord has spoken to him.  For issues and concerns, each person must confirm with the Lord, whether something is valid or not. For more information on our position, please see Disclaimers.

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Do You Want to Know Him?
If you want to know Jesus personally, you can. It all begins when you repent and believe in Jesus.  Do you know what God's Word, the Bible says?

“Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of God, and saying, ‘The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.’” (Mar 1:14b-15).  He preached that we must repent and believe.

Please see my explanation of this in my post called "Do You Want to Know Jesus?"

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