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The Home Going of Sister Claire Andoun Solomon

In my previous articles, Godly Attire and Adornment -- Seven Divine Revelations, and Garments of Godliness, I have written about sister Claire Andoun from Cameroon, who was a dear sister in Christ that preached the biblical message of complete holiness. On May 10, 2017, after a brief illness, she passed from this life into glory. She was a friend of mine, and many others around the world as well. She will be missed by all who love her, and I send my sincere condolences especially to her husband, children, and parents. She left behind a seven year old, a ten year old, and a thirteen year old child. May the Lord comfort them in their loss.

She was a woman of faith and action, who was gifted by God in many ways, including musically, and He used her to proclaim His message to the world. She was a praying woman, who had some awesome experiences with God, some of which I have written about in Claire Andoun Solomon's Encounter with Jesus.

She had founded and led a ministry called Virtuous Women in Christ (VWC). Meanwhile she had been part of the Holiness Revival Movement Worldwide (HOREMOW), but left that organization after a few years over issues she had with its leader Paul Rika, and her belief that the Lord was leading her to start her own ministry. For more about HOREMOW, please see my articles HOREMOW Issues and Concerns and Exposing the Darkness within HOREMOW.

After leaving HOREMOW, she continued to carry on with her VWC ministry from her home base in the UK, traveling and preaching internationally in various countries of Africa as well as the Middle East. Regrettably she followed Gabriel Doufle from Togo, Africa, about whom I have written an article regarding my issues and concerns. One of the concerns I had with him was that he prophesied to sister Claire around December 2015 that she must marry a well-known Kenyan preacher named Dr. David Owuor or else she would perish in hell. Nevertheless, she did not marry Owuor, but continued on with her ministry, and in 2016 she founded Complete Holiness Missions International (CHMI). For more about the man whom she called "Daddy" and with whom she associated closely, who has been spreading false reports about her since her death, please see my article, Gabriel Doufle Issues and Concerns.

God did some amazing things in her life, especially in the period just before she died. She moved to Nigeria in late 2016, started CHMI, and was later married to an evangelist named Solomon on April 6, 2017. On Resurrection Sunday, April 17, 2017, she received a dream from the Lord about the rapture, which I have written about in Rapture Revelation to Sister Claire Andoun Solomon. On April 22, 2017, she had a supernatural encounter with the Holy Spirit during intercessory prayer with her husband, in which they were taken in the Spirit to set Christians free from terrorist prisons. I have written about that in my article, The Bodily Form of the Holy Spirit. On April 28, 2017, she posted a video on her Facebook page with the good news about the upcoming launch of her new TV program called Complete Holiness Broadcasting Network (CHBN), which launched on May 1, 2017.

Following that video on April 28th, she became hospitalized for about two weeks with the illness from which she died on May 10, 2017. News of her death left many who knew her wondering why she died prematurely, and whether she may have been the target of a spiritual attack of some kind from the enemy. Her sudden death certainly seemed suspicious, especially in light of the negative words Gabriel Doufle spoke over her concerning marriage. In fact, because of his prophecy, some may have even wondered whether she made it to heaven.

Then on May 11, 2017, the day after she passed away, a sister in Christ in Norway, who did not even know sister Claire, had a vision of her during prayer, and the Lord identified the woman she was seeing in the vision as sister Claire. Here is her testimony:

"Jesus loves us in His kindness and He wants us to love Him back. With this, I have a great vision to share with you this morning that concerns Evangelist Claire Atongo Andoun, that died yesterday morning. This morning (11-05-2017), as I was praying around after 7:00 AM, it got to a point where the Holy Spirit gave me this vision where I saw Evangelist Claire. She is in glory and I saw her. I did not know her before; it was just yesterday that I saw her on Facebook for the first time. It was when I opened my eyes that the Holy Spirit told me that she is Evangelist Claire.

Immediately after that, I saw the angels in heaven worshiping, and heaven is rejoicing for her. Later, the Holy Spirit gave me a Scripture - Matthew 6:34 - saying that 'she did not worry about earthly things, and that was why I took her.' Then I saw angels preparing a throne for her.

As I continued reading, God gave me another vision.  I saw the cloud opening into two and Evangelist Claire walking on the narrow road and she tied (covered) her hair. Then at the end she turned and said ‘Bye bye.' Then I opened my eyes.

With this, I want to say that God is great and I am happy for her because she made it to heaven. To conclude this, when everything was finished, the Holy Spirit told me to call Evangelist Margaret Amure and I did; I have spoken to her this morning.  Please brethren, share this if you love Jesus. God bless you".  From Sister Esther Braibo (NORWAY).

Then I received the following testimony of a revelation about sister Claire that was given on May 12, 2017 to a brother named Anaele Chiedozie:

"During the Facebook live ministration yesterday, as I was about to conclude my ministration about the divine revelations of the rapture given to me, I paused a bit while I was live, because my eyes were widely opened up into the spirit world. Then I saw great trouble upon the earth. I heard a voice say to me while I was live on Facebook, tell them to prepare. Immediately I looked up to heaven and then I saw Evang. Claire Atongo Andoun with a white wedding dress, almost similar to the one on her marriage picture. I don't know her so well, but we spoke for the first time some few weeks back, because she complained to me of her bad network in Lagos.

As I saw her in glory, I heard a loud voice say to me..... 'SHE MADE IT, SHE MADE IT, SHE MADE IT.'  Then I heard another voice say, 'Weep not for her but weep for yourself for there shall be trouble upon the earth.' Immediately I couldn't control my weeping spirit, so I shut down the Facebook live ministration on air.

I said to the Lord, 'Confirm your words to me,' as I woke up. I heard a voice say to me May 13, 2017:

'WE ARE WAITING TO CELEBRATE YOU ALSO.'  This was in reference to the sister, that had just made it because there was great celebration for her.

Am not used to sharing revelations of people I don't know too well, but I believe the Lord is showing me this for a purpose.

The devil thought that by trying to kill Jesus or the apostles or prophet of old, that all his troubles were over but in all things God uses them for his glory. CHRISTIANS MUST BE VERY WATCHFUL AND PRAYERFUL. God can allow wicked demonic powers prevail over a Christian, sometimes due to carelessness but if they truly died in the Lord, making heaven won't be a problem. Rev 21:4.

Received by Anaele Chiedozie S.
Jesus is coming very soon!"

Since this article was written, there has been yet another Revelation of Sister Claire Andoun in Heaven, which I encourage you to read.

These are wonderful testimonies! Praise the Lord! Our sister Claire has made it on into glory, to her eternal home there, and the Lord gave a vision to a woman who did not even know her, in order to confirm it. He also gave another vision to a brother in Christ who did not know her very well and had only spoken to her once before. For those who question the message and the ministry of sister Claire, let this be a sign to them that she carried the message of the Lord and was pleasing to Him. She fought the good fight. She kept the faith. She has finished the race. Now there is laid up for her a crown of righteousness that shall never fade away. May she rest in peace.

If you would like to honor her, please leave a comment and perhaps share how the Lord used her to impact your life or just share what you appreciated about her.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Shalom, and thank you for reading and commenting. I suggest reading prayerfully Rev 2:26-27 and 3:21. This may shed some light. There are generous rewards for overcomers.

    2. My condolences to her family, continues to rest in peace mamie.

  2. shalom . let get ready for rapture.

  3. Please the problem of some of us Christians is how we rely on personal revelations without referring to the bible. I believe sis. Claire Andoun made it to heaven not because somebody is saying he/she had a revelation of her in heaven. I believe she is in heaven because the bible says so. That those who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ are the Children of God. If she was sick for some time before she passed on, then that even makes it more clear that she made it to heaven because every wise Christian who has been hospitalized for sometime will examine him/herself and make sure that his/her relationship with the Lord is in good condition because that person knows that death can come at anytime especially when he/she is sick. So please I don't rely on these revelations to know if she made it to heaven or not but i believe she's in heaven because she was a child of God. I rest my case.

    1. Dear sir, thank you for sharing your opinion with us. You are entitled to your opinion, and I am glad you have rested your case. In response, I would like to say that there are at least six reasons why I believe the Lord gave these revelations to confirm to us that she made it:

      1. Very few people make it to heaven, according to Jesus Christ. (Mt 7:14)

      2. Even among confessing believers in Christ, not everyone who says Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven (Mt 7:21).

      The Bible does not teach once saved always saved, but that our eternal security is conditional (see

      4. This particular sister's death was suspicious and controversial. A prophecy was given by her spiritual father that she would go to hell if she did not marry Dr. Owuor. Since that prophecy was given publicly over the internet for the whole world to see, and was very emphatic, and since she died very shortly after she married another man rather than Dr. Owuor, many people had reasons to question whether she made it to heaven. Since she had a large, international ministry that was important to God, the it was also important that the people to whom she ministered knew she did not go to hell. The Lord wanted people to know that she was not struck dead as some sort of punishment for marrying the wrong person, as some may have us to believe, in a supposed Ananias and Saphira type of scenario.

      4. The Lord also knew that Gabriel Doufle would immediately come out with his own revelation that he saw her in hell after she died, which creates confusion in the Body and lends support for his prophecy.

      5. The Lord also knew that the channel that publishes his videos would post a video about someone else in Germany who supposedly saw this sister in hell after she died.

      6. Just because someone is ill for a period before they die and are hospitalized, does not mean that they knew they would die from their illness, or that they got their house in order before they died. There are probably plenty of examples of people (even backslidden Christians) who were confident they would recover from their illness, and did not repent before they died.

      Therefore, I think the revelations the Lord gave to these two people (neither of which had any ulterior motive to confirm her going to heaven) were valuable and important confirmations for those who knew her, so they would be reassured she did make it.

      God bless you.

  4. I'm shocked to learn of this bitter truth and happy reality of the going to glory of Sister Claire Andoun. Surprisingly, for the past week up till now, I've been watching and listening to her testimony continuously. I have to confess, that I've been blessed greatly by her messages and testimonies. Even last year October 2016, she ministered at the Holiness Conference, organised by HEAVEN SEEKERS MINISTRY in the city of Kumasi in Ghana. Sister Claire has been a great blessing to me in this battle-journey for our Heavenly Father's Kingdom. I will forever miss her. My condolences to the husband and the entire family.I THANK GOD GREATLY for the GRACE given to her to make it to Paradise. May HE grant us also the Grace to finish successfully. Amen

    1. Dear brother Isaac, thanks for leaving a gracious comment. Since you are from Heaven Seekers Min in Ghana, you will probably enjoy this, too: God bless you.

  5. I never heard of Evangelist Claire until recently on UTube and I feel she was a true child of God.

    1. Amen. Thanks for sharing that, Jeannette. God bless you.

  6. There us a video by Linda Rika about Claire in hell on YouTube. It is so disgraceful.

    1. I don't have anything good to say about her dream.

  7. Hi, my name is Ernestine. It was not until last week that I saw sis Claire's videos on YouTube and started watching them. I was so much touched by them and Wondered why I hadn't seen them before then. After watching some videos, I fell on the next with title " in memory of sister Claire" I was so shocked to see this precious spirit filled sister had just died this year. Further down I saw messages from Linda and others of her going to hell. I cried for some time after this cos I was asking the Lord some questions and getting so confused and afraid about my own future destination in Christ Jesus.i Wondered how dreadful it is If a mighty lady like this who dedicated her total life to God could make hell just because Jesus could not accept her confession. And I thought to myself ,what is the point to do the will of God and is later rejected on late confession.i then realized that this contradicts the very word of God and his love for us who come to him for sincere forgiveness. I'm so happy reading this and watching other visions that reveals she is in Glory. There is still hope for me and every one who walks with God. Father thank you. To you sir, I appreciate your work in writing them down . They are a great consolation, relieve and hope to everyone on this journey as well as a warning to me in particular to strive to work my salvation with fear and trembling.God bless you.

    1. Dear sister Ernestine, Glory to God! What a joy to know that these articles about sister Claire have helped you get free from the confusion created by Linda Rika's tale of her dream about sister Claire. She told that tale in front of a large audience, teaching that a death bed confession is unacceptable, which can leave people feeling frightened, confused, and hopeless. I agree with you that "this contradicts the very word of God and his love for us who come to him for sincere forgiveness." How many people, including the saints, have set their lives in order and straightened out matters with others before they died! If that is unacceptable to the Lord, then they would have all perished, but we know differently.

      The Lord dwells in a high and lofty place, but He near the lowly and contrite of heart. A broken and a contrite heart He will not despise. Mercy is only available while we are on earth, and not after we die. But it contradicts the Scriptures to say that mercy is not available any longer to those penitent souls who are still on earth. We serve a merciful God. As you said, "There is still hope for me and every one who walks with God."

      Let me encourage you to keep reading the Bible and follow Jesus, not the dreams of others that contradict the Word. And let me encourage you to read:

      I also want to encourage you to consider applying for enrollment in our free discipleship school. God bless you.

  8. To Sister Earnestine. Be encourage. I believe as long as we have breathe in our body, we have a chance to get right with God.Continue in the faith that was once delivered unto you. Don't let this world change you with its sinful desires, but be ye standfast and unmovable, knowing that your is not in vain.

    1. Dear sister Jeanette, please repost this comment in the reply box to sister Ernestine (Elect Navti), so she will get a notification that there was a reply to her comment. Thanks!

  9. Just read about the passing on to glory of Sister Claire, what a rude shock ? I watched and listened to some of her gospel messages , I'm indeed blessed by her ministrations.
    I observed she has not been posting on fb unlike before, this prompted me to search internet to know how her ministry progresses. I was shocked to get to know she's passed on to glory.
    I pray God gives us the grace to continue living in holiness and willing souls to His kingdom, and make heaven our eternal home, amen.

    1. Amen, brother!God bless you and thanks for reading and leaving a comment. Nice to hear from you.

  10. Encountered Sis Clare on YouTube yesterday. Her sermons leave me so scared. God please save your people from the clutches of evil.

  11. Sis Clare sermons scared me too this afternoon on YouTube listering to her when I was cooking only to find out that she left us to glory last year then I was afraid where is my soul going to spend eternity l pray ALMIGHTY GOD help me because her message was a warning to my soul even till now I can't just STOP thinking of her may my soul rest in perfect peace when it will be my turn like her in JESUS NAME AMEN

  12. I Just find 2weeks ago her message on YouTube. Her massage so touched my heart. And in my life that was my first time to hear true Christian gospel in public. Many pasters they don't want to tell the people the truth of the bible.but they know it.
    When I was watching sister claire pleahing oooooh i cried my self. I ask Jesus to change me.
    I was thinking my self in my heart .I say , this message its for me.i ask Jesus to forgive me .

    I was continue watching her videos on YouTube
    Then I find she is dead last year .I am very shocked .
    But onily God knows everything about her.
    Sister claire was woman of God indeed.
    And she tell the whole world the truth from bible withouting fear because almighty God i heaven was with her.and God use her .

    Rest in peace my sister.

    1. Wow, that's an amazing testimony. To God be the glory. Are you the same "unknown" person who commented above on 8 November?

  13. I found 2 weeks ago that God send strong women of God to tell us the truth of the bible.

    When I was watching her videos on YouTube and listening her testimony i am so blessed. And said my self this message its for me.
    Her massage and she preach withouting fear anybody she was preaching truth.
    And her message change my life outside and inside. And i wish I can see her with my two eyes.
    When I was continue watching her videos on YouTube i found she is passing away already.

    I feel so sad. But God knows everything about her.
    But no matter what people said about her.
    According to her message, her testimony, her preaching and dressing on makeup on her body, I believe sister claire was in heaven. She is in a good place.

    I thank God for her message she tell us.i know is a will of God to use sister claire to telling us the truly gospel of God.

    I don't know her, I never see her, I see her onily her videos on YouTube. But she is still in my mind.
    First time when I saw her preaching i didn't sleep at night.

    I was like I saw her in my mind untill now she is no my mind everyday and night iam thinking about her and her message.

    Oh God have mercy to me change me like this woman. I my self i can't iam nothing.

    Rest in peace my dear sster claire.

    1. Praise the Lord. That just proves that the Lord can even be glorified not only in our lives but in our death, and he can even use us long after we have left this earth.


    1. Dear sister Zama, That's wonderful. Praise the Lord. I want to invite you to consider enrolling in our discipleship training school (DTS). It is a free, 3-year school offered online. See this link for more info for you and those Christian you know to prayerfully consider:

  15. This linda woman, God will expose you soon to the whole world
    People will be delivered from your net
    Am so sad about the late Sister Claire is a sign to show that we should watch and pray and stop being over righteous
    Am sure she is in heaven

  16. Christ is greater than death. Though we are in this world, we are not of this world. Clare had ran her race. We are still in the race. LORD, JESUS, Help!!!

  17. I saw sister Claire's message on "a warning to all women sometime in 2012 and my life has never been the same.
    I only got to know today that she's gone to glory.
    In the sweet by and by we shall meet on that beautiful shore. Rest well, my dear sister in the Lord!

    1. That's wonderful how the Lord changed your life and so many others through her. She's up in glory now. God bless you.

  18. Ooooo am so sad I wish she could been a life GOD way is not human I just come about sis Claire but i so much fall in love with her boldness preaching am always relieve by listing to her words of GOD am so sad of her death rest in Peace in Jesus name Amen