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Sister Ayodelle Sawyer - a Revelation of Heaven and Hell

This is a revelation of what Sister Ayodele Sawyerr from Sierra Leone saw in Heaven and Hell.  I have spoken with a godly sister in Christ, who knows sister Ayo, named Claire Andoun Atongo.  She says that sister Ayo is very reserved, and was training the sisters in prayer.  Claire was always together with her praying, and said she is a mature believer in Christ.  Here is her testimony:

When sister Ayo saw the Lord, she said He was shining as a Light.  She said, if you were to take all the energy in the world and put it all together, it would not compare with the Light of Christ.

Time is Up
He told her that the rapture is imminent.  He said, "Time is up!  Time is up!  There is no time left. Soon and very soon the rapture is about to take place."

The State of the Church on Earth
He took her into a heavenly garden, where everything was in order and showed her on a screen the church in Sierre Leone.  He showed her a very large denomination, and said he didn't even recognize it.  He showed her a highly regarded preacher in that denomination, and said He didn't recognize him.  The man was committing sexual immorality with the women in the church.  She said that nobody there in Sierre Leone was preaching holiness, they were mainly preaching prosperity.

And the Lord showed her a woman of God that she had great regard for.  "When she stood to minister the Word of God, you feel you can get the Word of God. He said, 'She is my daughter. But look at the way she appears in front of people. Look at the hair attachments, the short skirts; the code of dressing is wrong to God.  She's preaching the Word, but the dressing, the [hair] attachments...' Then the Lord said, 'Go and tell her I sent you, and that if she does not repent and remove these things she is putting on -- these attachments, this makeup, these things -- she will not make it.'"  She was shocked.

He said, "I AM that I AM that I AM. Before Abraham was, I AM.  I created the heavens and the earth.  This thing that I'm telling you to go and tell them, they will not believe you.  Even your own family will not believe you."  He said, "Many will doubt.  And by the time they realize that I sent you, it should have been late for them." She said she is seeing it, because even her own blood brother ignores her when she tells him her testimony.

Afterward the Lord showed her about two ladies, who were preparing to go to a church service (see 49:00 in video).  The older one was dressed modestly and never put on anything.  She came to the younger one's door and beckoned her to come.  But the younger one just said, "Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait."  And Jesus said to Ayo, "I want you to look." The Lord said to Ayo as she watched this on the screen, "Look!"  All of a sudden the lady came out, and what Ayo saw was that the makeup was so thick that she looked like a Jezebel.  And the blouse she put on was like an empty bra.  You could see the hair attachments.  You could see the way the lady dressed. She just looked like the Queen of the Coast.

She said the Lord was angry.  His countenance changed.  His tone of talking changed in that particular area.  He said, "Look! They have idolized these things. With all those things, they can no longer serve Me. Go and tell them, My daughter, 'If anyone be a woman of God, no matter the kind of congregation.  If she is putting on these things, she will not make it. She will go to hell. They have taken these things more than Me. With all these things, women can't praise Me, women can't worship Me, women can't seek Me with all these things."  Once again, Sister Ayo was shocked, and said, "God!"

She said that when He held her hand, it was a giant holding the hand of an ant, because it was so big.  The sweetness she felt when He held her hand, she forgot about everything in the world. She said that when you see the Lord Jesus, because of His glory and His mighty power, you cannot stand.

Jesus also told her that any church that does not believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, any church that does not believe in the Holy Spirit is going straight to hell.  He said, "Go tell those who are blaspheming, 'Anybody who is blaspheming against the Holy Ghost, pardon is not their own. Pardon is not allowed.'"

Then He showed her the churches where people used to worship God, so she could see the kind of dressing the people put on.  The church is a very big something.  Sister Ayo said, "Some of them are just half naked."  The Lord said, "I want you to look, so that you can explain exactly to the women."  She said there are more women than men in hell.  She says, "Most of the women because of their dressing, it will take them to hell.  They think that if they don't dress like this, they will not be attractive to men, and will not find a husband.  Seek ye first!  When you put God first in your life, He knows what you need."

The Lord showed her the ways the brothers dressed in the Church. They are wearing their trousers down low on their hips, exposing their hind cleavage. They are exposing their chests with open shirts, so you can see their chests and the hair on their chests.  She said, "They are not making it to heaven."  It looked as if the anointing was with them when they worshiped.  Some of them were speaking in tongues, some were rolling, some were falling down, some were shouting as if the anointing was there. But the Lord said that this was not His anointing, because He does not enter into such churches.  He said, "I am not in their midst. I do not go into churches like this -- people dressed half naked, exposing their bodies." He said, "Your body is the temple of God. You should live a blameless and holy life."  Then she said, "I realized that churches today that say they felt the power of God; because of the way they dress, Jesus does not enter into those type of churches. The anointing they receive is not from God."

The Seven Columbian Youths
Then at 1:23:01 – 1:24:07, she testified that in heaven, Jesus said to her, “The Seven Columbian Youths – I, the Lord, showed them heaven and hell.  So go and tell people that – if they do not believe what they are saying – I sent them.” She did not even know about the Seven Columbian youths, because their testimony is on the internet, and she does not access the internet.  In Africa, people typically access the internet through their mobile phones, and she said that all she knows how to do on her phone is make and receive calls. Therefore, this message to her about the Columbian youths is all the more credible, since she was previously ignorant of them.

If you have not read or listened to the testimony of the Seven Columbian youths, I strongly urge you to do so. I have already written about it on a separate post.  The amazing thing was that on the same day I received my first negative comment on that post from a reader, who did not believe what the Columbian youths were saying, I happened to listen to Sister Ayo's testimony.  I did not know that the Lord had said anything to her about the Seven Columbian youths, until I listened to her testimony.  So when I heard that he said that, I was able to communicate that back to the skeptical reader.

She said,  "Lord, please reveal this to someone else to confirm this thing is really happening to me."  She wasn't talking to anyone about this, except her husband, but just keeping notes.  So then one night she spoke to a sister, who told her, "At around 1:00 or 1:30 AM, something woke me up.  A voice spoke to me, and a light filled the whole room.  And I knew something was happening to you.  A fear came over me." And the sister had to leave her house to go to her uncle's house to sleep.

In heaven she saw the buildings and angels, and was admiring the angels.  The Lord asked why she was admiring the angels.  He said, "They want to be like you.  You are made out of Me in My image.  And I have given you a free will."

The Book of Life
She saw the Book of Life near the great big gates of heaven.  She saw the angels recording things in it faster than a computer.  Inside this Book, the Lord showed her that every thought you think on earth, and every thing you do -- whether good or bad -- is recorded in this Book.

The apostle John wrote: "And I saw the dead, the great and the small, standing before the throne, and books were opened; and another book was opened, which is the Book of Life; and the dead were judged from the things which were written in the books, according to their deeds. And the sea gave up the dead which were in it, and death and Hades gave up the dead which were in them; and they were judged, every one of them according to their deeds. Then death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. This is the second death, the lake of fire. And if anyone's name was not found written in the Book of Life, he was thrown into the lake of fire."  (Rev 20:12-15)

The Throne of God and the Twenty-four Elders
She was in a great hall in heaven and heard the voices saying, "Holy, holy, holy," with one unique voice.  They were kneeling down.  Then she knelt down and joined them.  She was told to look up and saw three glorious thrones and three golden crowns.  Then she saw the holy Bible, which was too big for her to hold in her hand. The glory was so thick you could not see through it. The Lord pointed, and said, "This is the throne room of My Father. These are the twenty-four elders." The others that she was kneeling with were the twenty-four elders. He said, "Whenever you worship Me, I feel good."

He said, "Go and tell those worshipers [on earth]:  If they think that their voices will carry them to heaven, if they are not living holy, they will not make it to heaven. No matter what their confession. No matter if they do signs and wonders.  No matter the crowds.  If they have these things on that they are dressed with, they will not make it to heaven.  If you are not holy, you will not make it to heaven."

She was taken by the Lord to hell, where she saw people she had known on earth, including a Muslim man, who refused to accept Jesus Christ during his lifetime.  She also saw a bar in hell, where men were sitting at it drinking. As they were drinking, she saw it was an acid they were drinking.  And their backs were falling off, and the flesh on their cheeks was falling off.  You could see their skeleton underneath.  But then it would come back onto their bodies.

She said she heard a male voice from a distance calling her, "Ayo!  Ayo! Ayo, I did not want you to come to this place!  Go back!  This place is not for you! Go back!  Go and tell your brothers that you accept Jesus as Lord.  Go and tell them! This place is not for you!"

She wondered, "Who is this who knows me, who knows I have two brothers?"  Then she saw her father there in front of her.  The fire brought him up in front of her and she was shocked to see him.  She cried, "Daddy!" He was shouting at her to go back and tell her brothers that they should accept Jesus, and that this place was not for her. She wept to see him there.  He had been fair in complexion and a very handsome man.  But the fire and torture and punishment had totally disfigured him. 

As her father was saying this, Jesus had been silent, just watching her, but then He spoke. He said, "My daughter, your father should not have gone to this place. He had all the opportunities to repent and come to Me, and accept Me as Lord, but he failed to do that."  As the Lord was saying that, she was just crying to see how her father had been tortured and how he looked.  She was crying out to Him, "Lord, have mercy on him!"  But he turned to her and said, "There is no mercy here."

Then the Lord began to explain to her what brought her father into that place.  He said, "One: your father was an altar boy to the Catholic church."  She explained that she came from a strong Catholic background.  The Lord said, "He was seeing all the demonic things and the evil things that the reverend father was doing there. He was compromising.  And secondly, he was a society man. And thirdly he was a drunkard.  He knew there was someone like Me called Jesus.  He had all the opportunities to accept Me, but he never did." As the Lord was speaking, she fell to her knees and grabbed his legs, weeping and crying.  She was shouting, "Lord, have mercy on my father!  Take him out of this place! This place is not meant for him, Lord!" She was about to say, "Lord, You can take him out of this place and put me there."

Then as she was crying and kneeling down before the Lord, there she saw the most extraordinary thing she had ever seen in her life. She saw the crucifixion and how they beat the Lord. She saw the backside of the body of Jesus.  She saw the crown of thorns that were pushed into his head.  The thorns went inside His head. She said you would not be able to stand that pain.  She saw the blood flowing from His wounded left side. She had been weeping for her father, but she started weeping for the Lord.  She saw Him battered and beaten and dislocated.  She felt the pain of the Lord and cried.

Be Holy
Then He took her out of hell and she found herself in a rocky place, and she was exhausted.  She said that up until this time, the Lord was very, very handsome and unique to look at. Then Jesus told her, “I have shown you all these things.  No matter who you are are.  No matter what you preach. Be ye holy as I am holy."  And He repeated, "Be ye holy as I am holy.” She said the Lord turned.  His whole countenance and demeanor changed, and there she saw that God is a God of wrath.  Jesus, who was talking to her, is a God of wrath.  As the anger ignited in Him, she said you would not like to see the Lord when He looks like this. He shouted with anger and red eyes, as He emphasized holiness, “Go and tell the people of the world, ‘Without holiness! Without holiness, no man will see God.’” (see 1:51:30) She said that when He said the words, "Without holiness," it was like an earthquake was taking place right where she was, and like the ground was opened up underneath her and swallowed her up.

My friend, this may seem like a different Jesus than you believe in.  But this is the same Jesus we read about in the Bible.  He said that zeal for His Father's house consumes Him. That's why he cleansed the temple, and He is once again cleansing the temple.  The corruption and sin in the church brings pain to His heart.  And as the apostle Paul wrote to the Hebrews, "Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord." Holiness is not just something we receive positionally from God through Christ, it is something we are commanded to pursue, because we cannot see God without it.

Following these experiences, she said she has had no desire for food, water, or sleep.  And she said that even though she had not been eating, drinking water, or sleeping, she had more energy than those who had been eating, drinking, and sleeping. She assured her listeners that this is not a made up story from her imagination.  She does not have time to go and read these books, or to sit and think up something like this.  The only thing she reads is her Bible, worshiping and praising God.

The Lord emphasized holiness in this revelation.  She said, “We have to strive to walk in holiness...Let us live a holy life -- a life that will please God. Let us live like Job -- like the Lord boasted of him, 'Look at my servant. He is blameless.' Let us be blameless before the Lord, because at any time the rapture could take. I pray we will all make it in the rapture."

Attribution notice: Scripture quotation taken from the NASB.

Author's note: Please prayerfully listen to this sister's testimony, and use the Testimony Review Process adopted by this blog, as you decide for yourself whether the Lord has spoken to her.  For issues and concerns, each person must confirm with the Lord, whether something is valid or not.  I also encourage you to read Rachael Mushala Testimony of Hell, who had a similar message from the Lord about godly attire and adornment.

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  1. Really Jesus loves us and would not want us to perish. That's the reason He's sending these revelations and warnings to His people. But man would not listen. Science and knowledge and satan have blinded the eyes of many.
    God help us in this adulterous and evil world to live a blameless life

    1. I agree. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

  2. Praise to Jesus Christ Son og the Most High God for he is the lamb that was slain and redeemed us through his precious blood .Thank God for revealing us at this moment where the countries are in dark hours .May your HOLY sirit abides in us forever and ever Amen

  3. It is not surprising that God is bringing people back from death and using revelation to talk to us, because the church can no longer carry the undiluted word of God. These compromises have left a loving Father with these revelational messages to save his children. Praise be unto His Name Forever. Halleluyah

  4. I thank God for giving me the opportunity and another chance to see this blog of revelations. Truly, the mercies of God is upon us. Hell fire is not place to go. We have to amend our ways to the way of righteousness. God please help me.....

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  6. i do like you words .but i want to ask you to pray to the lord jesus to forgive me becquse iam a sinner .for i have done alot of evil things on earth pliz sister .

    1. Dear Jeremiah, thanks for reading and commenting. Have you prayed to repent and give your life to Jesus?

  7. I advice you Jeremiah Toroich to pray to the Lord Jesus yourself and ask Him to forgive you and accept you. After which you must spend time reading, praying and studying the word of God. You should ask God for day-to-day guidance too!

    As usual Mr. Len, I read through this testimony keenly and I must say that any testimony that lay great emphasis on the SECOND COMING of Jesus is inspired!

  8. hmmm! His second coming will be hot with fire(wrath). Lord give me the grace to live a holy life. Lord i ask, whenever i did what is wrong lord correct me with your rod of correction here on earth.
    Let pray and live a holy life.

    1. Amen, I think this is the way to pray. We need to ask for His discipline. The Lord bless you!

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  14. Help us God to be found blameless before your sight so that we can spend our eternal life in your presence

  15. These whole revelation coming from eternity at such a time are very very serious.only Jesus our saviour can help us by his grace for we have no power of our own. Hell is real Heaven is real oh sinners repent, backsliders return back to God.

  16. I am so moved by these testimonies. I humbly ask my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to forgive those truly seeking Him. Amen.

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  19. I live in Tanzania. For me, it seems that most christians here(especially those in town), care less about outward holiness, while others ignore or even dispute. I've tried, and still am trying to warn whoever I can reach out to! But I just keep on praying that God may open their hearts to see the reality and the truth of these great testimonies! May God help us all!

    1. Dear brother Bryan, God bless you for the work you are doing. A few verses to ponder: Jn 6:66; 7:7; 15:18-23; 2 Tim 3:12; 4:3. In Him, Len

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