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Lynn Veasley's Revelation of Heaven

What you are about to read is going to be a great blessing to you. I previously wrote to you about brother Lynn Veasley's Revelation of Hell. Now you are about to hear his testimony about his experience when the Lord allowed him to visit heaven. Here is the transcript from his video Heaven is Real.

Testimony of Lynn Veasley
Hi. Welcome back. This is God is Real, and I’m Lynn.

Last time I told you about my trip to Hell, that God had taken me to. And today I’m going to tell you one of my best experiences—a trip to Heaven. Now I know a lot a people think that “you have to be died and gone. Nobody’s been to Heaven.” But that’s not true. He has many people that visit Heaven, and because of God has allowed it, and God likes to show people what they’re going to inherit. But anyway, I’ll share this part with you. Because of the time limit, I’m going to only give you as much as possible. But I’m sure I’m going to leave quite a bit of it out. But this time, I’m going to share it with you.

Now, you know Father always woke me up at four o’clock in the morning. That’s our relationship. He wakes me up. He talks to me. He shows me things. He gives me visions. He takes me away, and I have many out-of-body experiences. And I tell you, when you have an out-of-body experience, this is a very scary thing until the presence of God calms you down.

So, one morning, He woke me up, and He told me. And I went up front to pray as I normally do. And at this time, He’s voice kept getting stronger and stronger, and it was in the room. And He said, “Come walk towards my voice.” And so I got up off my knees, and I walked towards his voice. And as I did, His voice got louder. He said, “Come closer.” And the voice and His presence were stronger. And as it was so strong, I told Him I couldn’t take it, because the body just can hardly take it, and the Spirit is taking on control of your body, basically. And so, what happened was He told me to come closer and closer. And the closer I got to Him—His voice—the stronger His presence was. And I was screaming, and I was hollering. I said, “Lord, Lord, I can’t take it! I can’t take this!
I can’t take this! I said, “It’s too strong! I can’t take this!” He said, “Come closer. Come closer.” And when He did, automatically I dropped, and I was in the Spirit.

And as I was in the Spirit…This was my first time experiencing that much. And I’m trying to come up with the words to explain how it felt. You felt… good. That’s the only word I can come up with because this was just amazing—how strong the presence was. And after I left my body, you just feel good and free—no pain, no anything.

So, He asked me a question. He said, “Can you see?” I said, “Can I see what?” He said, “Can you see? Tell me what you see.” And I said, “I see smoke.” He said, “What else do you see?” “I see smoke.” Then, all of a sudden, the smoke started to clear a little bit. And it was—it was a little, short man standing there! He wasn’t a good 4’6” or something—about 4 ½ feet tall. And he was just standing there looking at me. And I looked at him. And he said, “Hi, Lynn.” And I said “hi” back to him.

And I ask him, I said, “Where am I?” He said, “Look around and see.” So I looked, and we were in a room—a big room. And I asked, “Where am I?” He said, “Look around and see.” I’m still looking around, and I couldn’t tell exactly where I was at. It just looked like a big room.

And I asked him, I said, “What’s your name?” He told me his name. His name was Minalik. I said, “Minalik.” I said, “Why, how do you know me?” He said, “I know you.” He said, “Father’s the One that sent me to you. We are here, and we wanted to meet you.” And I’m like, “We? I don’t see anybody but you.” And he said, “There are others behind me.” And then the smoke cleared when he said that, and I saw the others standing behind him. I said, “Who are you?” He said, “I am an elder. We all are elders.” I said, “Elders?” And he read my mind because I’m like, “There are just a few of you.” He said, “There are many here.” Before I could get it out of my mouth, they asked the next question. He said, “There are many of us here and many to come.”

And so I asked, I said, “So, where am I?” He said, “Look around and see.” I’m so curious, I’m asking him over and over again, and he just wouldn’t tell me. He just asked me--every time I asked him a question, he would turn around and say, “Look and see.” So, I looked around, and I saw a valley—great, big beautiful valley. It had grass on it, and it was just beautiful—I mean, green as green can get. And all the grass was just as beautiful and perfect. And I asked, I said, “What is this valley?” He said, “Look around some more.”

So, I looked to the right, and I saw a city—right there on the right-hand side of the valley. And I said, “What is this valley, and what is this city?” He said, “This valley’s called “Hope.” He said the city is called “The City of Elders.” And I was looking…beautiful! And it had the shine on it so much, it almost looked like gold, but it was just shining so strong. And before I could get it out of my mouth, to ask him what was that glare on it, He said, “That’s the glory of God.” He said, “God lights up the heavens.” He said, “Everything that’s in Heaven is of God. You don’t see anything that is not of God.” And I said, “Okay. Okay.”

And I was looking…beautiful! And it had the shine on it so much, it almost looked like gold, but it was just shining so strong. And before I could get it out of my mouth, to ask him what was that glare on it, He said, “That’s the glory of God.” He said, “God lights up the heavens.”

So he said, “Look to your right again.” I looked, and I saw the city. I saw the valley. And then I saw a beautiful, beautiful garden sitting out in front. And the garden was so beautiful that the plants that it had…it doesn’t exist on this earth. And the flowers were so beautiful—they don’t exist on this earth. And I asked him, I said, “What is that?” He said, “That’s the garden.” He said, “The garden before the temple of God.”

And so, I’m looking again. He said, “Look more to your right.” And I did. And I saw a river that was flowing—beautiful, clear, perfect flowing water. And I said, “What is this river?” He said, “This is the river—we call it Jordan.” I said, “Jordan?” I said, “Is that like the river Jordan on earth?” He said, “No. The river Jordan on earth is named after this river.” I said, “Oh, okay.”

He said, “Keep looking.” I looked again, and I looked to the right. I saw temples. And he said, “These are the temples of the elders.” And there were many of them! And I was just wondering, “What in the world are all these temples doing here!? Why do you have to have so many temples?” And he just looked at me with a smile. He said, “This is our temple here.” And so, he showed me. And we were standing in the middle of that temple, and I saw the table. And he said, “This is the feast area right here.” And I was looking. I said, “Man, this is nice!” That’s all I could say, but it was beautiful. He said that, “This is where we all come, and we sit and we feast after we see Father.” I said, “Okay.” So, I asked him, and I could still see it today—how the walls were, and how the table, and beyond it was a door.

And I asked him what was outside that door. He said, “Come and see.” So he opened the door, and I looked outside. And I saw another garden. I said, “Is this still the same garden?” He said, “No. No, no, no. No.” He said, “This is the garden right here that belongs to us.” And I looked, and I saw fruit. And I looked at the grass; and I wanted to make sure, and I was paying close attention. And as I looked at the grass, I wanted and find and see was like the grass of earth. But I did not see one dead blade of grass. All the grass was plumb green—just beautiful and thick—and you could see the nourishment in the grass.

I did not see one dead blade of grass. All the grass was plumb green—just beautiful and thick—and you could see the nourishment in the grass.

And I looked at the tree, and the tree—it looked like a big giant peach about this big [shows with his hands how large it was]. And I asked, “What is this tree?” He said, “This is the tree of ink.” He said, “This is a fruit of God.” I said, “Ink? What in the world is ink?” I found out that the angels eat it. And if the angels eat it, they take off and they sing praises to God. And if a human grabs it—or those that are in the Kingdom—if they grab [it] and they take one bite, they are drunk—drunk in the Spirit. They take two bites, they are out cold in the Spirit. The Spirit of God comes on them so strong. Every fruit is of God. Everything in the Kingdom of God is God. He is the Kingdom. Just like the fruits of the earth—we get our nourishment from it only because God made it for us.

Everything just started clicking. But he told me to come on, he wants to show me some more. So, we walked on, and I saw the Jordan on the other side—the river on the other side of the garden. And I asked, “What is that valley on the other side?” He said, “That is the Second. We call it the Second.” “The second what?” He said, “The second part of Heaven.” I said, “Second part of Heaven? So who are those on that side?” He said, “Those that are saved.” But I said, “So can they come over here on this side of the river?” He said, “No.” He said, “They can’t come on this side. Only when they enter into the Body can they come on this side.” And I was wondering, “What in the world is he talking about? And then what body?” He said, “The Body of Christ.” I said, “I thought they entered here because of the Body of Christ.” He said, “Yes, Christ opened up the door for all that believe.”

He said, “Listen.” He said, “There are three parts of Heaven.” He said, “There is the first, second, and third.” I said, “Okay?” He said, “The first is the courtyard.” Then he said, “The second is the temple.” Then he said, “The third is the altar, or you can call it the throne. That’s where the presence of God is at.” And I asked him, I said, “Well, can’t everyone who comes go before the presence of God?” He said, “No.” He said, “Because they haven’t received the Body.” I said, “Well, how is [it that] a man could get here in Heaven, but yet cannot see God?” He said, “Only through Jesus can man go to God.” I’m like, “I’m not understanding this. What do you mean? I thought that they got here because of Jesus.” He said, “Yes, they got here because of the faith that they believe.” He said, “But I’ll tell you, a man cannot die greater than he lives.” “Hmm? Explain it,” I asked him. Minalik said, “Whatever faith that you have when you leave this earth is the faith that you take with you.” He said, “You cannot enter in no-it-all. If you didn’t know all on earth,” he said, “then what kind of faith you have here is the same that you take in Heaven.” And when he said that, that scripture hit my mind—“What thou gain on earth you gain in Heaven. What thou loose on earth you also loose in Heaven.” So,  I’m like, “How can they cross?” He said, “Because, the way that they would cross is because the elders go and teach in the Second. And the elders teach those in the Second, and then those that are in the Second teach those that are in the First.” Now, he explained to me the one, two, and three (i.e., First, Second, and Third). He said, “Those that die without the Holy Spirit are in the First because they entered in by believing.” He said, “Then those that receive the Holy Spirit are in the Second, but they didn’t go on in faith to grow and take on the Body of Christ.”

“There are three parts of Heaven. There is the first, second, and third. The first is the courtyard. The second is the temple. The third is the altar, or you can call it the throne. That’s where the presence of God is at.”

So I was wondering, “So, how do you take on the Body of Christ?” He said, “That’s the question I want you to ask. You take on the Body of Christ by allowing the Holy Spirit to control you. You must be possessed by the Holy Spirit. When we say possessed, we only think of demonic possession. But that isn’t the possession that God is talking about. The possession that God is talking about [is one in which] the Holy Spirit comes and controls you and takes over your body and your mind, that everything that you’re thinking is holy, everything that you become is holy. You do that,” he said, “by yielding more and more and more to the Spirit of God, not [by] just sitting there and not listening to Him.” Because everything that he was saying was making so much sense to me. And he said, “Those that are in the Third, they are those that become elders. They yield to the Spirit and continue to grow. They didn’t receive the Spirit and just stop and say, ‘OK, I have it.’ No. They seek Father even more that they will receive more, and more, and more of Him.”

And, man, this was sounding so good. So, I kept asking him more and more questions. And he told me, he said, “You keep your faith. Keep growing. Yield when the Spirit of God comes up over you. Don’t fight it. Don’t quench the Spirit.” He said, “Yield to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit isn’t trying to harm you. What he’s trying to do is control you where you can be open to more and more faith and be open to more and more spirituality.” And I said, “OK. How do you do that?” He said, “Just yield. The Holy Spirit will not force Himself upon you. You have to want more of the Spirit, and you just yield more and more and let the Holy Spirit take over you. A lot of people turn around, and when they receive the Spirit of God and they begin to speak in tongues, they accept that as the evidence and that’s all. That isn’t it. That’s the beginning. We are to receive that Spirit of God, and we are to open up our heart, open up our mind to believe everything in Him and then we turn around and be transformed by the renewing of our mind that we are more like God. That’s what Jesus did. Jesus yielded Himself completely to make Himself as one with God, that when He said, ‘When you’ve seen Me, you have seen the Father, because Me and My Father are one.’” And I understood what he was talking about by Him being the supreme and prime Example—that He yielded Himself to the Holy Spirit so much that God spoke, God saw, God did everything through Him. And it is for you, also, not just for Jesus alone. He was the Example. He paid the price that we can be right there in the seat with Him.

Now, Minalik ministered to me then, and it made so much sense. And he told me to continue to grow by yielding, and yielding, and yielding. He said, “Do not quench the Spirit of God, but be subject to God. Be submissive to God.” And I did. I did. And God brought forth so much, I thought that I would never ever come back. He did it for me for three days in the Kingdom. And every time Minalik was there, he showed me the City of Angels—not Los Angeles—the City of Angels that’s in Heaven. All the angels—at this one area now—they used to run through Heaven all free—but no more. Lucifer messed that up. They are in one area. And when they fly--their wings, you can hear it, it will be so strong. It will go “vvooph--vvooph.” And you’ll be like, “What in the world?” And you’ll look up, and it’s the angels. And the angels will sing. And when they will sing, the ink will rain.  It will rain down on those that are in the Kingdom. And it will shower down, and they will praise God and worship God and just go off into the Spirit even more so. We think that we have enough when we receive the Holy Spirit. No. No, no, no. That is the beginning. That is the beginning to walk towards Christ. That is the beginning to walk in the light. And we can grow so much. And it’s the Teacher. It’s the Comforter. It is God. Communication—everything—there is no slack in God. I share this part… Like I said, when I got through talking to Minalik, he said Father told him to show me whatever I wanted to see in the Kingdom. You know, I didn’t say I wanted to see my mamma. I didn’t say I wanted to see my grandparents. I didn’t say I wanted to see anyone else. I said I wanted to see Father. I asked him, “Where is Father?” I asked a question that my mind couldn’t comprehend the answer.

Minalik showed me the temple, and he said, “Come on. Let’s go to the temple because Father said, ‘Don’t keep anything from him.’ Whatever you ask, He’ll give it to you. He’ll show it to you.” So we went to the temple—past the beautiful garden up to these steps. And on the right-hand side [there was a] waterfall that ran, that came from the throne. The doors were so tall, I can’t imagine how they end.  And when I walked up there Minalik said, “This is the door right here.” And I said, “Okay.” And I turned around. I said, “Come on, Minalik. Let’s go in.” And when I turned around I and looked, Minalik was gone. He was way down there. He took off running. I’m (saying), “What are you doing?” He said, “It isn’t for me. It’s for you.” I didn’t know. I walked towards the door, and the doors opened—tall beautiful doors…perfect doors! And I walked in, and there was a corridor. And I walked into the corridor, and I saw on the left-hand side a book--huge—sitting on a pedestal. And I saw the angel standing there. He said, “Go look.” I walked over to it, and it was blank. I looked on both sides of the pages—it was blank. Beautiful book—beautiful, perfect book! Then all of a sudden, I saw my name written. And I fell to my knees, and I went to praising God. And I heard a voice say, “Can you see me?” I looked around. I said, “No.” Then it started getting clearer and clearer. He said, “Can you see me now?” I saw feet, and the feet were wounded but they were healed. And I was on my face before. He said, “Look up.” I said, “I can’t. I can’t take it.” I said, “I can’t take it.” He said, “Look up.” I saw standing there—beautiful.  He showed me His hands--were they were wounded. I said, “Lord, have mercy.” And I began to worship Him. I stayed on my face. I would dare not look at His face. I couldn’t. But I know Who it was. I was my Lord—my Savior. He blessed me. He said, “Lynn, believe all that you’ve seen these last three days, and write them down.” This right here [shows an open journal] is what I call “the visit to Heaven”—years ago…all the writing. And I went back to my body. I laid there. [I] couldn’t move. I spoke no English for three days.

END OF TESTIMONY FROM LYNN VEASLEY (transcribed from his video Heaven is Real).

I hope this has helped to wake you up and remind you of the reality of heaven and our need to follow Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, if we want to make it to that glorious place.

Attribution notice: Most Scripture quotations taken from the NASB

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