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Korean Pastor Raised from the Dead

In my previous post I wrote about a book called "Baptized by Blazing Fire."  There are actually five books in the series by brother Yong-Doo Kim.

Today I would like to share an excerpt from Book 3.  It's about a Korean pastor, named Kim, Young Gun, who was raised from the dead in 1998. Please prayerfully read. For issues and concerns, each person must confirm with the Lord, whether something is valid or not.

Here's the testimony of brother Kim, Yong-Doo about his friend, brother Kim, Young Gun:

March 10, 2005 (Thursday)

Pastor Kim, Yong-Doo: * Oh! Pastor Kim, Young Gun

    Sung Min general hospital is located in my neighborhood. Pastor Kim, Young Gun, had evangelized and ministered at this hospital. I had once admitted myself to Sung Min hospital. When I was a patient there, the pastor and I had greeted each other and became acquainted. I had sometimes invited him to my church to give a sermon as a guest speaker.

    Pastor Kim, Young Gun once told me a story. He was in his early 60s. He had always evangelized at the hospitals. He was also well known for evangelizing on the streets. One day, he fell ill as his liver swelled. A lot of water filled his liver and stomach. More than that, he also had jaundice, an illness that colors the body yellow. He admitted himself to the hospital while he was evangelizing.

    Pastor Kim, Young Gun was once dispatched to the Philippines on a missionary trip by his church. While he was on his mission trip in the Philippines, he had over-exerted himself and worked beyond his physical strengths. The pastor was very stressed by the pressure he received from his church. They wanted results and they called him frequently. “How many people have you evangelized? How many new registrants have you enjoined?” They utilized various tactics to pressure and interrogate him. The pressure and stress eventually overtook him and he had become physically ill. He died during treatment in Korea.

* Hymns That Should Be Sung At A Funeral

    Pastor Kim, Young Gun explained the experience when his spirit/soul departed his body. He said when he breathed his last breath he experienced his spirit/soul separate from his physical body. In fact, his spirit/soul looked identical to his physical body. Pastor Kim, Young Gun was able to see the doctor use the defibrillator on his body. The doctors had attempted to resuscitate him several times with the defibrillator. With no result, the doctors confirmed his time of death and had covered his whole body and face with the white linen.

    The Pastor’s family and relatives had come too late and were informed of his death once they had reached the hospital. On the day of the funeral, the people attending sang hymns. The hymns they sang were slow and the slow rhythm made the day depressing. The funeral was more or less a sad march down to the grave site. The Pastor continued and said that when the people sang the slow songs, his soul weakened. Although he wanted to immediately fly to heaven, he was not able to. He needed the people in the funeral to sing fast, powerful, up-beat hymns. He said that his soul was not gaining any strength and was therefore frustrated and worried. Fortunately, someone recommended hymn 388 and they began to sing in an up-beat rhythm. As soon as the people began singing the fast and powerful hymn, his soul flew at great speed and arrived at the gate of heaven. The Pastor said that the gates of heaven consisted of twelve pearl gates and were a magnificent sight. The Pastor’s first impression was amazement: “Literally fantastic!”

    As Pastor Kim, Young Gun attempted to enter the pearl gates of heaven, two angels standing guard gave him a stern, frightening look. The Pastor became very frightened and his heart was filled with fear. The two angels had a large sword at their side. They were very tall and he could not properly view all of them with one glance.

    The angels asked the Pastor: “How dare you walk near the gate? Who are you? What is your title and what did you do when you were on earth?” The Pastor answered, “I had just died from an illness; my liver swelled. I was a Pastor and I worked as a missionary.” The angels demanded a ticket. “Very well, present your ticket of permission to enter heaven. Now!” I replied in shock. “What! You need a permission ticket to enter heaven? I had never heard of such thing! I do not have one.” One of the angels immediately replied: “What! What are you saying? How dare you walk toward the gate without a permission ticket!” As the angel rebuked me, the other angel kicked me like I was a soccer ball. In that moment, the Pastor thought he was kicked very far off. Then the same angel who had kicked him caught up to him and kicked him once more for a second time and even farther away.

    The Pastor was suddenly kicked toward hell and was dangling at the edge of a cliff. The Pastor was able to observe the miserable sights of hell. As the Pastor dangled off the edge of the cliff, he pleaded for someone to save him. Then the angel pointed and said, “Look at those souls! Look very closely at those souls going to hell! All of those souls attended church and lived a faithful life but the errors of their Pastor’s teaching led them to hell! I am showing you this scene because you are also a Pastor who led a ministry. You cannot be forgiven for you have committed the same atrocity. They did not keep Sundays holy and did not properly keep their faith. They mocked God and believed according to what they wanted to believe and based their faith on what was in their minds.”

    Within the moment Pastor Kim was about to be thrown in hell, two souls immediately came and earnestly grabbed hold of him. The Pastor found out later that the two souls were his relatives who were prayer warriors. Due to their earnest pleadings, the Lord had granted the Pastor an extension of seven more years to live. The Pastor received special grace. He had been given another chance and had escaped from being thrown into hell.

    The Pastor came back down to earth to reunite with his dead body. When he came back, his relatives were still singing hymns. The songs they were singing were once again slow and sad. They sounded like farewell songs, as though, a couple or friends were parting forever. The Pastor was very upset over the songs that were being sung. Whenever believers sleep and go to heaven, the people at the funeral should be celebrating with fast, joyous, enliven, and victorious hymns. We as believers must engrave this into our hearts.

    He had experienced a supernatural event. With the power of God, the Pastor had come back alive. Now, this is the seventh year and because of exhaustion and illness, he had relapsed once more. His liver had swelled up and the Pastor had to be admitted to intensive care. Pastor Kim, Young Gun earnestly appealed, “Pastor Kim, Yong-Doo, I was very proud of myself. Until now, I thought I had evangelized properly throughout my life and in faith. I later realized that I had done it all with my strength and passion instead with the guidance and help of the Holy Spirit. Please Pastor Kim, Yong-Doo, you must seek help from the Holy Spirit in every case. I want you to lead your ministry with the help and strength of the Holy Spirit.” Pastor Kim, Young Gun then asked me to sing many hymns that are powerful and strengthening. Joo-Eun, Sister Baek, Bong-Nyu, my wife, and I gathered around Pastor Kim, Young Gun. The Lord, Jesus, accompanied us as well. Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the guardian angels watched and prepared to take the Pastor to heaven.

    Today is Thursday and the Lord announced that He was going to take Pastor Kim, Young Gun to heaven soon. When Joo-Eun and Sister Baek, Bong- Nyu glanced up to heaven, the home of Pastor Kim was almost finished. The last thing was for the Pastor’s soul to arrive in heaven. His home was waiting. Pastor Kim, Young Gun and his wife were very joyous once they heard of that news.

* If I Die, I Want To Die During Preaching A Sermon On The Platform

    There are many pastors, including myself, who wish on a certain issue. I had been curious on how the Lord may respond and what His thoughts would be with this certain issue. “My beloved, Jesus! There are many pastors in Korea and many are especially filled with grace. They often say that when they go they would like their last moment to be on the altar during the middle of their sermon. I also wish for that. Now, Pastor Kim, Young Gun has fallen ill due to his liver swelling as a result of over-exhaustion and exertion. He had not taken care of himself very well physically. What are your thoughts on that, Lord?”

    The Lord began to explain in regards to this matter using Pastor Kim, Young Gun as an example. “It is truly regrettable. It is foolish to think and act this way! Pastor Kim, Young Gun is a servant I truly esteem. But for the sake of the gospel, he went through fire and water not taking care of his health. Therefore, he had become ill. Father God, the Holy Spirit, and I are in agreement with this view. From your perception, it may appear as a blessing. It may seem faithful to collapse from exhaustion or exertion during the middle of evangelizing or preaching -- perhaps even dying during evangelizing or preaching. However, that is not everything! Being faithful with all of your strength is very important, but not at the expense of your physical bodies. You must take care of your bodies in order to continue and serve me for a long time. Your body is given to you by Father God. There is a time to rest and a proper amount is needed and required.

    “It is not wise for one to do my work with only absolute enthusiasm. One must do the work with wisdom. Pastor Kim, Young Gun was only in his early 60s and he could have continued my work for a longer period. He was very foolish and not very wise. He did not realize how I esteemed him! However, it is now too late.”

    I thought it would have been nice if Jesus would have healed him. However, it appears that the Lord had decided to take him home to heaven. The Lord made it absolutely clear that doing His work in faithfulness and with all of our being was very important. Moreover, taking care of our physical bodies continuously was equally important. The majority truly do think that it is certainly good faith if we go through fire and water for the Lord’s concern, but that is not everything, although, it is important.

    The Lord said, “The physical body of Pastor Kim, Young Gun had become sick and exhausted. It is his time to rest now.” The Lord then looked at me and said, “Pastor Kim, Yong-Doo, you must also listen carefully! Do you understand? In order to serve for a lengthy period, you must steadily take care of your health.” I replied, “Amen.”

    Joo-Eun had a vision of God’s throne. Father God also said, “My beloved servant! Why did you over work yourself to have your body come to that stage?” As Father spoke, He had compassion on him. He then commanded the angels. “Prepare to welcome Pastor Kim, Young Gun.” As Pastor Kim, Young Gun laid in bed, Jesus caressed him and said with comforting words, “you will enter heaven very soon. In heaven, all the souls and angels are preparing a great event to welcome you. Although it will be a bit difficult for a moment, I expect you to endure it.”

    As Pastor Kim, Young Gun listened to the conversation, his face brightened up. Pastor Kim, Young Gun’s guardian angel had three pairs of wings. He had a home that was awaiting him in heaven. The house was as tall as the skies of heaven. Inside the home, the angels were busy moving about, preparing for his arrival. Joo-Eun wanted to know when Pastor Kim, Young Gun was going to heaven and asked Jesus. The Lord said that He would take him to heaven after two days.

    I meticulously explained some of the revelations that were happening in our church. The Pastor answered with a surprised look. “What! When I had visited your church to speak, none of those experiences or revelations were occurring. Now your church is experiencing great revelations.” I answered him, stating that it was all due to the Lord’s grace. I continued and asked Pastor Kim, Young Gun: “Pastor Kim! Before you leave the earth, I would like to share Holy Communion with you for the last time.” Pastor Kim delightfully accepted. The Lord then spoke through Joo-Eun: “In a little while, you will enter heaven. Let us then celebrate.” I obeyed and said, “Amen!”

Many saints and pastors cannot be used because they are lazy and self-indulging. Then there are some who physically over-exert themselves and as a result become ill. This is also a problem! Moreover, unnecessarily idolizing one’s physical body is also a big sin.

[Excerpt from Book 3 ends here.]

A short sample of the book is available online. At the link I've provided here, you can find various formats of all five book summaries, including Word, PDF, and MP3.  Numerous events, encounters, details and visions were not included in this summary version. For the complete version please purchase the book at Amazon.com.

If you desire revival in your life, you should read or listen to this book.  If you desire to overcome sin and learn how to be victorious over the flesh and the devil, then read the book.  If you want to know how to pray effectively in spiritual warfare, then read this book.

Book One, Book Two, Book Three, Book Four, Book Five

Please and use the Testimony Review Process adopted by this blog, as you decide for yourself whether the Lord has spoken to brother Kim.  For issues and concerns, each person must confirm with the Lord, whether something is valid or not.

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